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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/18/2024)

In what could be their final match in the promotion, The Motor City Machine Guns will challenge The System for the TNA Tag Team titles on tonight's edition of Impact: the final one before Saturday's Rebellion pay-per-view.

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin will be looking for their fourth reign as champions while Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards are trying for their first defense. The Machine Guns became free agents after this set of TV tapings with their future still unknown.

The champions after tonight will defend against Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) on Saturday.

Nic Nemeth will be on hand to give some thoughts ahead of his challenge of TNA World Champion Moose Saturday.

Ahead of his Last Man Standing trilogy match with Josh Alexander Saturday, Hammerstone will face Guido of The FBI.

In a preview of Saturday's Knockouts Tag Team title match, Spitfire's Jody Threat will face Decay's Rosemary.

The Hammerstone-Alexander brawl leading to Dreamer getting beaten down gets recapped alongside the Jordynne Grace-Steph De Lander contract signing and ensuing beatdown of Grace by SDL. Josh Alexander walked out to do commentary for Guido vs. Hammerstone.

Hammerstone defeated Little Guido

Guido is a perfect opponent for Hammerstone because he's a naturally lanky guy and he makes Hammerstone look even more gigantic. Hammerstone started off with a shove into the corner before a corner-to-corner shoulder charge and a Biel throw out of the corner. Hammerstone landed a corner lariat, but ate a chop before landing a big backbreaker and a squatting fallaway slam.

Zack Clayton shoves Hammerstone out and the ref rightfully kicks Clayton out.

Hammerstone came in, but ate hammerfists and a basement dropkick for 2. Hammerstone put the headgear onto Guide and the torture rack ended it. Ash By Elegance's concierge told us all that she will at ringside at Rebellion to face the winner of the Knockouts Title match. Xia Brookside hopped into frame to let her know that they'll have a match next week - presumably for the top contender spot.

SDL's beating of Grace last week is shown in more detail before we see Jordynne Grace at the airport saying that Cardona won't be at Rebellion because of his surgery and that should make it a fair fight - but she knows she'll have something up her sleeve. LSG struts out looking like a star in this match with Joe Hendry where he doesn't even get announced beforehand - which is smart. He gave off a smug aura, which is a lot better than nothing when you're in an enhancement match. Hendry got a giant "we believe!" chant before cutting a promo on AJ Francis and Swann flying high with what he buys at the Top Dolla store.

Joe Hendry defeated LSG

LSG wanted an armbar, but Hendry rolled around the ring ala Austin Street to avoid it. Hendry turned a fallaway slam into a gorilla press slam before landing a gigantic Standing Ovation uranage. Both men looked great here. Shockingly, Hendry wasn't beaten down after this match by the heels he's feuding with. Time Machine's issues dating back to the No Surrender match are recapped to set up the MCMG's match tonight with The System for the tag titles. Ali is out and feels like the biggest act in the company presentation-wise. Deaner wants Rhino to be their partner and Rehwoldt said he didn't know who this "Rhi-guy" is but he clearly hears no on this chant - okay that was fantastic.

Grizzled Young Veterans & Mustafa Ali defeated Jake Something, Cody Deaner & Rhino

Something slammed Gibson before Rhino tagged in to chop away before Deaner worked over the arm of Zack Gibson for a bit. Ali tagged in to mudhole stomp a weakened Deaner before Drake tagged into wear down Deaner before tagging in Ali once again. Rehwoldt demanded the formation of an appellate court so Ali can file a formal complaint about having to face Something at Rebellion. Drake prevented a tag to Rhino before Gibson came in to further take Deaner down a peg. But he got the tag anyway and Rhino ran wild!

Corner gore to Gibson before a gore met a kick to the jaw, but he fell into a tag from Something! Something charged through the GYV's attempt at a double clothesline and then again with one of his own. Rocket launcher crossbody of Deaner got 2! Ali walked back into Something and almost ate a slam, but the GYV saved and dove into Something on the floor!

Deaner, a valiant babyface, wants a fight with all three men and they just dogpiled him in the corner. Gore to Drake and Deaner landed a knee to Gibson! Ali landed a corner high kick and a sunset bomb out of the corner before the 450 beats Deaner. As per TNA tradition, a post-match beating is teased but actually avoided as Ali just left. Steve Maclin talked about starting off the new era in TNA win its first win and no matter what the marquee says on a show, it's always time for him to tag 'em and bag 'em.

Eric Young met with his World Class Maniac persona backstage to unleash his dark side. So now even Eric Young has a Demon version of himself and he'll baptize Frankie Kazarian at Rebellion. Rosemary came down and Hannifan talked about the team of supernatural demons using their contractual rematch clause at Rebellion before Threat ran down.

Rosemary defeated Jody Threat

Rosemary got a reverse bearhug to start before eating a clothesline and a powerslam for 2. Rosemary got a single leg dropkick before biting Threat in the corner and locking on a hanging neck choke for a four count, breaking right before five. Rosemary got two off a German suplex and a Muta lock to Threat was ended by a rope break. Threat got a German and a clothesline for two before Rosemary landed a run-up forearm for two before a spear ended it.

Jonathan Gresham's therapy session has him feel like he's unheard and that's why he wears a mask. Life is a costume party and he's been vulnerable - but it will end soon enough. So Eric Young has the World Class Maniac persona and Gresham has The Octopus - everyone gets an alter-ego! The Guns came out before The System emerged with their titles and Edwards did bicep curls with his belt.

The System defeats the Motor City Machine Guns to retain the tag titles


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