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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (06/13/2024)

“Broken” Matt Hardy has been a thorn in The System’s side since he returned to TNA and now, the faction led by TNA World Champion Moose will invade the infamous Hardy Compound on tonight’s TNA Impact.

Hardy invited Moose, Eddie Edwards and Bryan Myers after attack The System executed on Nic & Ryan Nemeth and Joe Hendry.

The Nemeth brothers will be in tag team action against former TNA Tag Team Champions ABC.

After The Rascalz attacked both he and Steve Maclin last week during their match, Mike Santana will take on the team’s Zachary Wentz one-on-one.

Following her surprise appearance at last Sunday’s NXT Battleground during Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace’s challenge of Roxanne Perez, Ash by Elegance will be in action against an opponent to be named.

In what could set up a future Knockouts Tag Team title match, current titleholder Masha Slamovich will take on Marti Belle of The Hex.

In another women’s bout, Dani Luna will battle former Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz.

The go-home show for TNA Against All Odds kicked off with a video recap of the top moments from last week’s show. This included Frankie Kazarian vs. Nic Nemeth in the main event, which Nemeth won, as welll as the post-match attack from The System. Also shown is the message from “Broken” Matt Hardy that ended the 20th anniversary show last Thursday.

Mike Santana def. Zachary Wentz

The commentators speak of it being a wild week in wrestling, one they vow will end in “wonderful” fashion. With that said, the theme for The Rascalz hit to bring out Zachary Wentz. Wentz headed to the ring accompanied by Trey Miguel for the opening contest.

Mike Santana’s theme hit next, and the crowd popped as he made his way to the ring. As soon as he reached the ringside area, he slid into the ring and immediately went to work on Wentz. The bell rung and the match got off to a hot start. Wentz tried to go to the eyes of Santana, but Santana beat him down and sent him to the floor.

Trey Miguel tried to interfere, leading to Santana chasing him around the ringside area. The loss in focus allows Wentz to hit a top-rope moonsault to Santana on the floor. Back in the ring, Wentz connected with a running Shooting Star for a two-count.

After a few minutes, the crowd rallied Santana into an offensive comeback, which Wentz ultimately cut short before taking over control of the action. Miguel gets in some helpful assists, choking Santana on the ropes from the floor. Santana fights back and stops a shot attempted by Wentz. He told him, “Not tonight, sucka!” before delivering a death valley driver of his own.

The two trade shots in vicious fashion back-and-forth. Wentz hits a headlock DDT (BFT). Steve Maclin hit the ring to stop Trey Miguel from getting involved again. Santana hits Spin The Block for the win out of nowhere seconds later. Santana and Maclin have a stare down afterwards.

Mustafa Ali Interview

A sit-down interview with Mustafa Ali is shown. Ali talks about the forefathers of the X-Division and his path to excellence. He claims to be all about fairness and equal opportunity. He talks about the diverse roster that’s propelling the business forward and inspiring the next generation.

Ali is pressed about some rule-breaking tactics he has used in matches, but stammers through the topic and focuses on some technicalities about his win/loss record. He talks over an attempted question about losing in tag-team action last week.

When some tough questions about “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Trent Seven come up, Ali doesn’t want to answer. His people interject and inform the interviewer that he has surpassed his allotted interview time. After this, the show went into a commercial break.

The System Talk The Hardy Compound

We see The System backstage when we return. Moose is warned by Eddie Edwards about bad things happening at The Hardy Compound. Moose is overly confident. Masha Slamovich approaches Alisha Edwards, who doesn’t want to talk right now. The Hex have words with Slamovich to end the segment.

Marti Belle def. Masha Slamovich

Back inside the Impact Zone, Masha Slamovich’s theme hits to bring her out for the next match of the evening. Her opponent, Marti Belle from The Hex, comes out accompanied by Allysin Kay and then the bell sounded to start this one off.

The two yell off-mic back-and-forth to start things off. They push each other and then a side head lock brings things down to the mat, where Slamovich ends up controlling things. Belle brings it back standing and switches behind one-half of the Knockouts Tag-Team Champions, taking her arm and locking it up.

Kay gets involved at ringside again, choking Slamovich over the ring ropes. Moments later, we see her try and get involved in a pin attempt, but the referee catches it. Seconds later, Belle rolls Slamovich up again, and Kay leans on her for help from ringside and the referee doesn’t see it.

Backstage With Steph De Lander, PCO

Backstage, Steph De Lander says she’s gonna give PCO her response at Against All Odds. First Class walk by loudly and leave. As they do, PCO is shown in the background. We head to another commercial break on that note.

PCO Attacks First Class

When we return from the break, Gia Miller is standing on the entrance ramp. She introduces the First Class duo of AJ Francis and Rich Swann. AJ is asked about defeating Laredo Kid last week to become the new TNA Digital Media Champion. She brings up Swann’s involvement and asks if that taints his victory.

Miller brings up a rose Francis is also holding in his hand. He claims it’s from a fellow admirer backstage. The lights go out. When they come back on, PCO is standing behind First Class. He decks Francis. Swann tried to attack from behind, but PCO no-sold it and decked him as well.

Security rushes out to keep things from escalating. PCO picks up the rose Francis dropped, which the commentators point out was obviously for De Lander. They remind us that De Lander will give PCO her answer at Against All Odds.

Dani Luna def. Tasha Steelz

An Against All Odds promo airs and then we return inside the Impact Zone, where Tasha Steelz makes her way out for the next match of the evening. Three weeks ago she beat Jody Threat, which the commentators remind us about.

After Steelz settled inside the squared circle, the Spitfire entrance tune played. Dani Luna comes out with Jody Threat and the Rancid dude. Luna goes one-on-one with Steelz, and the bell sounds to get it underway.

Luna takes the early offensive lead, hitting a falcon arrow for a close two-count. Steelz takes over from there for several minutes. The commentators, meanwhile, spend the majority of the match focusing on why Lars Frederiksen is relevant on any level.

He knows how to work with a group to succeed on the road is the basic gist. We head to a mid-match commercial break with Steelz in control of the action. Back from the break, Steelz is shown still very much dominating the offense.

Luna hits a big clothesline to shift the offensive momentum in her favor. A drop kick that lands right on the money only helps her momentum grow. She hit a big power bomb for a close two-count. She goes for the Luna Landing, but Steelz rakes the eyes to escape.

Steelz blasts Luna with a big kick. She follows up with a high spot out of the corner for a close near falll attempt. Steelz wraps both of Luna’s arms up in a submission attempt. Luna gets her foot on the bottom rope to escape.

Luna connects with a ricochet blue thunder bomb for a close two-count. She goes for the Luna Landing, but again doesn’t get it. Steelz avoids a cutter by Luna, who counters with a third Luna Landing attempt. This time she gets it for the win.

Joe Hendry Enlists Ace Steel, Will Face Kazarian At Against All Odds

Gia Miller is backstage with Joe Hendry. She brings up the momentum he is riding lately and asks if The System ended it last week. Hendry says all last week taught him is that maybe he still has a thing or two to learn. He says he’s acquired the services of Ace Steel.

In he comes touting the skills of Hendry. Frankie Kazarian enters the picture and takes exception to Steel thinking he has what it takes to teach Hendry how to be a top guy. He says kings aren’t taught, they’re born.

Steel says in his hometown of Chicago, Hendry will take on Kazarian. Kaz agrees but says ‘if you’re gonna hit the king, you better kill the king.’ Joe Hendry vs. Frankie Kazarian is now official for TNA Against All Odds.

The System At The Hardy Compound

We move into the inside of a vehicle, where we see members of The System presumably heading to The Hardy Compound. They talk about how they were invited there as we head into a commercial break before anything happens.

When the show returns, The System are shown out of the car at The Hardy Compound. They see some big artwork and claim they know who did it. They start to say Jeff Hardy’s name but after “Je..” they are cut-off and told “Don’t say it.”

“Broken” Matt Hardy appears on a balcony and introduces Queen Rebecca, the Gothic Baby and others from The Hardy Compound. Moose says he doesn’t give a damn about any of those people. He says he’s glad they’re here because he’s gonna kick his ass in front of them.

Hardy warns Moose not to take another step, because he’s gonna set off a trap-a-booby. This happens, which results in fireworks and the most annoyingly loud ringing sound that increases in loudness as The System are shown covering while fireworks erupt around them.

Brian Myers ends up in a weird room that looks like a rave room for a party of tweakers. He finds an action figure and looks around like he’s on an acid trip as the camera quick cuts to different Starcade neon logos, pinball machines and other junk. He finds another action figure and says, “That’s an upgrade.”

Some weird music, PeroxWhy?Gen, perhaps, plays, as Myers continues to survey the room. A little kid does Hardy’s bizarre war cry, which Hardy echos. Myers is seemingly transported to another location. We hear someone saying he’ll always be Edge’s bitch. Other announcements from Josh Matthews and others throughout his career, including his long losing streak, are overheard.

He is laid out by a plastic skeleton. Hardy’s kids jumps off the ladder with a leg drop on him. Back out to the woods we go, where Eddie Edwards is asking if anyone is out there. A kid approaches him and calls himself Wolfgang. He tells him someone is behind him. He ends up turning into a wolf like Teen Wolf and howling at the moon as the kid yells “Yes! Yes!” and howls as well.

Now we catch up with Alisha Edwards, who walks around a staircase looking at pictures, statues and other crap as intense piano music plays. She makes it to Reby Sky, who is playing the piano with her kid next to her. Alisha calls her home a house of horrors. She thanks her. She tells her to move her stupid kid, or she will. She tells her she’s welcome to try. The kid casts a spell on her and things explode. No, honestly.

Moose is now shown being brave in the woods, demanding “Broken” Matt Hardy show his face. A little kid yanks on his pants from behind. Moose asks the kid if he’s stupid enough to put his hands on him. He tells him if he wants to see his dad, follow him. He does. Moose yells, “Senior Benjamin, where are you?!”

We shoot inside a personal home theater where “Broken” Matt Hardy is shown on a screen talking about Senior Benjamin. Moose walks into another broken down house. He says it is Matt Hardy’s childhood home. He sees art work and says Matt Hardy is one weird dude. Hardy appears behind him and says “Yes!” before slamming him into the wall and knocking him out.

Hardy puts Moose in a wheelchair and runs him like a psycho. We catch back up with Reby Sky, who has Alisha in a guillotine. She cuts the cord and a giant blade — chops her head off? We don’t see, but are led to believe this. Moose is wheeled into a lake of reincarnation. Hardy says it’s June so the water is wonderful. Moose emerges in a football outfit as NFL on NBC music plays. Moose asks Hardy what he has done to him. Hardy says he has reincarnated him to his best version ever. No. 69. He wants him at his best at Against All Odds when he beats him for the title.

Moose says he’s delusional and won’t make it to Against All Odds. He goes to tackle him but a Drone appears. Hardy thanks the drone and then we see The System re-appear in their normal gear at The Hardy Compound entrance gate. They ask each other if what just happened was real. Moose shouts that Matt Hardy is dead tomorrow. Mercifully, we head to another commercial break to end this.

Ash By Elegance def. Jada Stone

Jada Stone is shown making her ring entrance, in progress, when we return. The commentators remind us she was recently in action on TNA Xplosion. We hear the personal ring announcer / concierge for Ash By Elegance. He talks briefly to Stone before demanding she and the referee get out of the ring.

He calls it sacred ground that is about to be graced by beauty personified. He welcomes the gorgeous, stunning and absolutely beautiful Ash By Elegance. Out she comes, fresh off of her appearance NXT Battleground 2024. The commentators talk about that as she heads to the ring.

Rosemary is shown leering in the rafters with a spotlight lit under her as the camera focuses on her, just as Ash and Jada lock-up to start their match off. Ash takes the early lead, throwing Jada in the corner. She does some acrobatic movements and taunts her as we cut back to Rosemary in the rafters.

The action briefly makes it out to the floor, before returning inside the squared circle, where Ash By Elegance remains in control of things throughout. Stone hits a big kick in the corner that decks Ash. She goes for a moonsault, but Ash got the double knees up. She turns Stone inside-out with a clothesline before heading to the top-rope herself. She hits Rarified Air for the pin fall victory.

Jonathan Gresham Addresses Sami Callihan

Jonathan Gresham is shown in a vignette that starts off eerily similar to some of The Hardy Compound fun we just watched. He very briefly sends a “thumbs up / thumbs down” message to Sami Callihan ahead of TNA Against All Odds. We head to another commercial break afterwards.

Jordynne Grace Issues Open Challenge For Against All Odds

Jordynne Grace is shown talking into the camera. She says she is disappointed about losing at NXT Battleground. She says she should have anticipated some interference by Ash By Elegance or others. She says she still made history and she’s still the TNA Knockouts Champion.

She issues an open challenge to anyone in WWE, MLW, AAA, STARDOM or the independent scene. Anyone who thinks they can beat her for the TNA Knockouts Championship, come try and take it. She makes it clear regardless of who it is, nothing can stop ‘The Juggernaut.’

The Nemeth Brothers def. ABC

The commentators run down the lineup for the TNA Against All Odds 2024 pay-per-view at Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Ill. on June 14. We then return inside the Impact Zone, where the ABC theme hits. Out comes Chris Bey and Ace Austin for our advertised tag-team main event.

After they settle in the ring, the lights go down and Nic Nemeth’s theme plays. Out he comes accompanied by “The Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth. The Nemeth Brothers head to the ring for their first-ever tag-team match. We head to a pre-match commercial.

Ryan Nemeth and Chris Bey kick things off for their respective teams, as the bell sounds to start this one off when the show returns from break. Nemeth slaps a side head lock on Bey and takes the early control. Bey escapes and shoulder blocks him down. He hits a deep arm drag and gloats. Bey calls out “The Show Off.”

Ryan plays to the crowd a bit and ultimately makes the tag. Nic Nemeth comes in and the crowd energy picks up. They get ready to lock up, but Nic drops down for a double leg dive. He gets Bey down and covers him for a quick two-count. Bey fights back and gets the better of Nemeth, so he stops and does the hip-swivel to taunt him.

Ace Austin tags in and picks up where Bey left off, taking it to Nic. The ABC duo settle into a comfortable offensive lead for a few minutes, as Austin grounds Nemeth and starts to focus on his isolated arm. The crowd tries to rally behind Nic, who shows signs of life and begins fighting back.

Austin cuts his comeback attempt short and brings Bey back in. Bey adds to their offensive lead and does some more arrogant taunting of Nic, Ryan and the crowd as we shift gears and head into the final commercial break of the show.

After the show returns from break, Nic is shown being kept isolated on ABC’s half of the ring. Bey continues to go to work on him until missing a big splash in the corner. Ryan takes the hot tag from there and hit the ring with a ton of energy.

The crowd comes alive as Ryan helps establish the offensive lead before tagging Nic back in. Nic gets the Fame-Asser but not all of it. He goes for the follow-up pin attempt, but Bey kicks out at two to keep this one alive. Ryan tags back in and along with Nic, hits some impressive double-team spots on Bey.

The commentators talk about them showing good team work their first time out. Bey and Ryan come off the ropes with shots that land at the same time. They’re both laid out and slow to get to their corners. They do, however, and each make the tag.

It is Ace Austin who takes the offensive lead when the smoke clears after the double tag. Austin blasts Nic with a huge kick that knocks him silly. He falls right on top of him for the cover, but somehow Nic kicks out. All four end up in the ring at the same time. Bey takes out Ryan and joins Ace with a double-team spot on Nic.

A kick-brainbuster combo leads to another pin attempt for the ABC duo, which Ryan breaks up just in time. Ryan tags in and hits a big DDT to Austin. Nic, meanwhile, drops Bey with a well-timed super kick. Fans chant “TNA! TNA!” as all four guys are down and recovering. Bey sends Ryan over the ropes and out to the floor. He leaps over for a splash at ringside.

Nic rolls Austin up, but Austin kicks out. Austin blocks a super kick attempt and takes over with a face-stomp for a close two-count of his own. Bey and Austin go for the 1-2-Sweet, but Ryan holds Ace’s foot from ringside. Ryan helps Nic hit Danger Zone for the pin fall victory.

The Nemeth Brothers head into their title shot at Against All Odds off a victory. Ryan and Nic pose on the ropes in the corner as the commentators plug TNA Against All Odds on Friday, June 14.


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