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TNA Wrestling Hard To Kill Results (01/13/2024)

Countdown: Rich Swann vs. Steve Maclin

After a lockup, Swann dives out of the ring onto Maclin to dictate the pace. Maclin grounds Swann with chops and then does a knee drop on the back. Swann makes his comeback with right jabs and a kick to the head. Swann lands a 450 splash from the second rope, kickout. They go up top but Maclin pushes Swann off and drops a knee. Maclin traps Swann in a Boston Crab but Swann reaches the rope. Swann pulls out a springboard cutter and spin kick for a nearfall. Maclin hits Caught in the Crosshairs followed by KIA for the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Backstage, Gia interviews Eddie and Alisha Edwards, Brian Myers, Moose, and former NFL player DeAngelo Williams. Moose says tonight they show the world why they should aways trust ”the system.”

AJ Francis arrives

DJ Whoo Kid is in the ring and he welcomes out AJ Francis (fka Top Dolla). AJ says it’s not about the fans, it’s about him. AJ starts to rap but Joe Hendry’s music hits. Hendry welcomes Francis to TNA before throwing it to a new music video making fun of him. After, DJ Whoo Kid smashes his laptop over Hendry and then Francis hits a chokeslam.

Countdown: The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) vs. Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian and EY trade tags while working Myers early on. Eddie and Kazarian come to blows as they renew their 2023 rivalry. Eddie takes control of EY and then trades tags with Myers. EY escapes the backpack stunner and then collides with Eddie in a double crossbody. Kazarian gets the hot tag and lands the springboard leg drop on Myers followed by a slingshot cutter. Eddie and Myers double team Kazarian but he kicks out. EY pulls Eddie out and Kazarian drops Myers with Unprettier. EY lands the elbow drop, Kazarian pins for a nearfall. Myers hits Kazarian with Roster Cut. Eddie hits Boston Knee Party. Myers pins Kazarian for the win.

Winners: The System

We see a video package highlighting Dreamer and Steve’s feud thus far.

Countdown – TNA Digital Media Championship No DQ Match: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Crazzy Steve

Dreamer charges but Steve stays on the attack by biting his head. Dreamer retrieves a trash can but Steve dropkicks him in the ropes. Steve strikes him with a chair to the back. Steve props the chair but Dreamer does a crossbody with Steve seated. Steve picks Dreamer apart and then pulls a fork out of his boot. Dreamer blocks the stab and then hits a bionic elbow. Dreamer does an elbow drop on the chair once Steve dodges. Steve cutters Dreamer with the chair around Dreamer’s head. Dreamer ducks a kendo shot and lands his own cutter. Dreamer turns Steve inside out, nearfall. Steve sends Dreamer face-first into a propped trash can. Steve grabs a black bag and then tapes Dreamer’s hands together. There’s a wad of taped forks in the bag and Steve shoves it down Dreamer’s shirt before kicking him. Steve cannonballs onto Dreamer and then hits a DDT off the ropes for the win.

Winner AND NEW Digital Media Champion: Crazzy Steve

Eric Young voices the cold open to officially start the new TNA era. He walks through the tunnel as the roster is standing on the stage. He reiterates that “we are TNA Wrestling and we are hard to kill.”

Knockouts Ultimate X: Gisele Shaw vs. Xia Brookside vs. Jody Threat vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Dani Luna

Luna, Xia, and Threat find themselves in the ring alone after tossing out the seasoned roster members. Threat lifts up Xia but Luna dropkicks them. Steelz slides back in but Xia throws clotheslines. Shaw pumpkicks Xia in the face and lands corner uppercuts. Threat trips Luna and Alisha into the ropes with running knees. Luna tosses bodies with exploder suplexes. Xia flies off the top onto Luna and Shaw on the floor. Threat follows suit and leaps to the floor. Threat scales the structure with Alisha on her back.

Threat bucks Alisha off onto three competitors. Tasha gets back in the mix to cut off Threat. Steelz then hits Threat with a cutter to the floor. Alisha is the first back inside as she starts the climb. Steelz cuts her off, followed by Threat. Luna runs up and they hit the tower of doom. On the other side, Shaw tries to stop Xia but Luna powerbombs Shaw. Xia is on the cables but Luna pulls her off for a powerbomb. Luna and Threat trade blows before Luna does a double suplex on Steelz and Threat.

Alisha crawls on the cable until Luna pulls her off. Alisha counters the powerbomb with a DDT. Alisha whacks everyone with the kendo stick until Xia hits a lungblower. Alisha flatlines Luna then Threat hits Alisha and Xia with a double F5. Steelz Tornado DDTs Threat. Shaw spears Threat off the cables. Steelz, Luna, and Shaw climb at the same time but Luna is the first to fall, followed by Steelz. Shaw unhooks the X to win.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

Backstage, AJ Francis cuts a brief promo on his appearance earlier.

PCO vs. Dirty Dango

Bravo and Dango get on the mic for a second to express their hatred for TNA Wrestling. PCO gets a Frankenstein entrance to reveal he is, in fact, alive. Dango goes on the attack to start before getting clotheslined. PCO sends Dango outside only to go diving through the ropes. Back inside, PCO goes up top but Bravo attacks him for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: PCO

Dango and Bravo beat down PCO until Rhino makes his way out. Rhino wants Oleg to enter the ring but he backs down. Santino Marella comes out says this will become a three on three. He introduces Jake Something.

PCO, Rhino & Jake Something vs. Dirty Dango, Bravo & Oleg Prudius

Something sends Oleg out of the ring right away. PCO goes up top and hits the PCOsault to the floor. PCO does the apron senton on Dango. Back inside, Something gets the tag and throws clotheslines. Rhino comes in to continue the attack. Oleg sneaks in a clothesline to Rhino, Dango tries to cover. Bravo and Dango pull Rhino’s legs apart. Dango goes for a knee drop from the top but Rhino evades. Something returns with clotheslines and a body check. PCO and Bravo come in and PCO does a corner lungblower followed by a legdrop.

Rhino and Oleg come face to face before trading blows. Dango pulls Rhino by the hair but Rhino launches Dango to the mat. Rhino gores Bravo. Something slams Dango onto Bravo. PCO goes up top and lands the PCOsault on Bravo for the win.

Winners: PCO, Rhino & Jake Something

A mysterious woman arrives at the venue before MK Ultra suddenly makes their way out for an impromptu title match. A “returning” Decay comes out.

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: MK Ultra (c) vs. Decay

Rosemary and Havok dominate Masha early on. Kelly comes in and slams Masha onto Rosemary, cover. Kelly does a running kick on Rosemary for another cover. Rosemary pops up off the mat to cover Kelly. Havok and Masha meet in the middle. MK Ultra counters a double clothesline but then gets hit with a double suplex. Kelly clotheslines Rosemary out of the ring. Masha hits Havok with Snowplow but she kicks out at one. Havok lands the double chokeslam. Havok lays out Kelly and pins her for the win.

Winners AND NEW: Decay

Scott D’Amore comes out to the stage and welcomes Dorian from AAA as TNA and AAA are officially forming a partnership. They both sign a contract in front of the fans.

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs. KUSHIDA vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

They come to a stand still quickly before the action picks up again. Kushida double heel kicks them on to send them to the floor. Kushida launches off the apron and wipes out Sabin. Kushida brings Vikingo back inside and tries to work the left arm but Vikingo quickens the pace again. Vikingo hits Kushida with a hurricanrana out of the corner. Kushida locks up Vikingo on the mat as Sabin chops Kushida, which wrenches Vikingo’s legs. Kushida suplexes Sabin with the ankle lock still in. Kushida monkey flips Vikingo who also flips Sabin.

All three men go down and the crowd chants for them. Sabin sends Kushida out but Vikingo stays in, bouncing off with a kick to the head. Vikingo knees Sabin in the head and then steps out with a 450 onto Sabin on the ramp. Back inside, Vikingo covers. Vikingo goes up top and Kushida wipes his feet out. Hover Board Lock flips off the top and onto the mat. Sabin kicks to break it up, Kushida rolls Sabin. Kushida traps Sabin in Hover Board only for Vikingo to stomp on them. On the ramp, Sabin superkicks Vikingo and then lands a Canadian Destroyer.

Kushida heel kicks Sabin and then goes up top with him. Sabin slips through and runs back to toss Kushida with a German suplex. Sabin lifts Kushida and manages the Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner: Chris Sabin (c)

Josh Alexander vs. Alex Hammerstone

Lock up to start. Josh pivots to working the arm and then tries targeting the leg. Hammer shoves Josh down but Josh goes right for the ankle lock. Hammerstone pushes Josh off and then leaps out to the floor. Josh twists at Hammerstone’s ankle in the ropes. Alexander does a dragon screw on the left leg before he continues twisting at the ankle. Hammerstone regains his footing, whipping Josh across the ring before hoisting him over with a belly to belly suplex. Josh escapes off Hammerstone’s shoulders and then drops him back first on the apron.

Back inside, Josh goes for the ankle lock but Hammerstone kicks his way out. Hammerstone rallies the crowd while on his knees and Josh kicks him in the face. Hammerstone hoists Alexander and does a swinging slam. Hammerstone clobbers Josh in the corner with 10 clubs to the chest. Hammerstone with a scoop slam, cover. Josh traps Alex in the ankle lock once again but Hammerstone reaches the bottom rope.

Hammerstone’s left leg gives out again but he still manages to hit the Nightmare Pendulum.

Josh rolls away from the cover. On the apron, Hammerstone plants Josh with a Death Valley Driver. Alex lands a missile dropkick off the top followed by a TKO, cover. They trade blows in the center until Josh hits a couple rolling forearms. Hammerstone turns Josh inside out before hitting a German and a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. Josh forearms the neck, throws the German. C4 Spike connects, Josh covers for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

TNA World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Rascalz vs. Mike Bailey & Laredo Kid

Ace and Gibson kick things off. Rascalz double team Bey until Bailey and Laredo double team Trey. Mike rolls up Gibson and everyone runs in to break it up. All four teams have a stand off as the ref loses his mind. GYV attack Bailey and Laredo before it’s just Gibson and Bailey again. GYV go on the double team again as Drake flies in with a dropkick. GYV keep Bailey cornered with in and out tags. Drake grounds Bailey with a headlock.

Laredo runs into both Drake and Wentz before dropping Drake with a DDT. Kid and Wentz go up top as Kid drops him with a huge driver, cover. ABC double teams Wentz but GYV tags in on the champs. Wentz eats double kicks from Kid and Bailey before GYV run in for the pin on Wentz, nearfall. Doomsday Device from GYV to Wentz before Kid double dropkicks GYV. Bailey gets the tag as Gibson continues working Kid. Bailey flips out to the floor and Drake stops Kid in his tracks.

Bailey climbs up and hits Drake with a poisonrana. Tornado kick across the ring on Drake. Kid takes out Gibson. Ultimo Weapon from Bailey on Drake, Rascalz break it. Rascalz double kick Bailey before Trey sends Kid to the floor. Wentz hits Bailey with a cutter. Rascalz double team Drake with the double stomp, Ace breaks Trey’s cover. Bey tags in on Drake and ABC meets Rascalz for punches. ABC hits 123 on Trey and Bey covers to retain.

Winners: ABC (c)

Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Dana Brooke, now known as Ash by Elegance, is shown at ringside for the next title match.

Trinity and Jordynne start with a handshake and then a lockup. Grace flexes and Trinity twerks a little. Test of strength lockup in the center. Trinity ducks a clothesline and does a back kick. Grace drops Trin back first on the mat before doing chops in the corner. Grace with a powerslam, kickout. Trinity avoids the Juggernaut Driver by rushing to the ropes. Trinity leaps off the top with a crossbody followed by a spiking facebuster. Grace regains her footing and flies through the ropes to tackle Trin before hitting the Jackhammer on the floor.

Ash is shown on camera clapping. We cut back to the ring where Trinity kicks Grace in the chest. They trade slaps until Trin drives Grace into the turnbuckle and lands the split legged moonsault, cover. Grace catches Trinity out of the corner with a musclebuster, nearfall. Trinity powers out of a cover and traps Grace in Starstruck. Grace covers but Trinity pops up with the Rearview for another nearfall. On the apron, Trinity spikes Grace and covers. Back inside, they trade blows again before Grace does a spinning shot.

Trinity powers Grace up with a sitout powerbomb and turns it into Starstruck. Grace stands up with Starstruck applied and Trinity uses the ropes for leverage. Grace pivots it into a German. Spinning backfist from Grace followed by Juggernaut Driver for the three.

Winner AND NEW: Jordynne Grace

We see Ash by Elegance clapping again at ringside. Jordynne hugs Trinity.

TNA World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Moose

Moose has The System with him for his entrance, while Shelley was accompanied by Sabin and Kushida.

Moose offers a handshake to start but Shelley slaps it away. Moose shoves Shelley’s face so Shelley spits water at him. Shelley traps Moose in a left arm stretch on the mat. They shortly move to the outside where Moose chops at Shelley and throws him against the apron. Moose quickly scoops Shelley up and slams him on the floor. Moose sends Shelley back inside but Shelley twists Moose’s arm in the ropes. Shelley continues to work the left arm over until Moose pulls out Snake Eyes to get him off.

Moose eventually hits a urinagi in an attempt to keep the champ down again. Moose delivers chops to the chest and Shelley welcomes it. Both men struggle back up to their feet when Shelley pulls out a running dropkick followed by a running forearm shot. Shelley does a baseball slide to knock Moose into the barricade. Moose then trips Shelley so he lands nose first on the apron. Shelley escapes off Moose’s shoulders and sends him into the post to set up Shellshock on the floor.

Back inside, Shelley attempts the cover. Forearm blast from Shelley, followed by a couple pinfall attempts. Shelley tries for the stretch but Moose gets to his feet. He lifts Shelley up for a powerbomb, nearfall. Moose runs into the turnbuckle when Alex sidesteps. Shelley tries to clothesline his larger challenger. Avoids a urinagi and lands Sliced Bread instead, nearfall. DeAngelo Williams, Eddie, and Myers walk out on the ramp but Sabin and Kushida run down to counter.

Moose blasts Shelley from behind before Shelley sends Moose to the ramp. Shelley drops Moose shoulder first against the ramp. Back inside, they trade several chops. Moose does a wicked headbutt and Shelley turns him inside out with a clothesline. The crowd comes unglued as Shelley rallies them. He delivers a superkick but Moose avoids Shell Shock and hits a Spear out of nowhere for the three.

Winner AND NEW: Moose

The System comes out to help celebrate Moose’s win when Nic Nemeth’s name appears on the tron. Nemeth appears behind Moose and then attacks him. Nemeth runs out to the crowd to celebrate and rips off his top shirt to reveal a TNA shirt underneath to close the show.

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