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Tommy Fierro Opens Up About His Brief Stint With WWE, Being an Extra at WrestleMania 15 & More

Wrestling promoter Tommy Fierro recently spoke with for an in-depth conversation about all things pro wrestling and more. Fierro opened up on his brief stint with WWE, appearing at WrestleMania 15 as an extra, his upcoming ISPW event, and more. Here are some highlights:

Working for WWE:

“At the time I was 33 years old and I was promoting wrestling events since I was 16. I had been grinding for a while at that point to try and get hired by them and I came close a few times but it never panned out. I saw they were hiring for WWE Network and applied and got the job. While logging wrestling footage all day wasn’t what I wanted to do in the company, I thought that this was at least a foot in the door. The first day on the job was awesome. As soon as I got there, I ran into Howard Finkel who was super surprised to see me. He had just done my convention a few months prior. He brought me into the office and I hung out with him and Joey Styles for a while. I felt confident going home the first day that this would lead to many doors opening for me in the company. For the next month, I was stuck in a trailer all day logging footage and never saw anyone. I was just about to get married and the money I was making didn’t justify all the travel I was doing. It just didn’t work out financially for me and had to leave. They were very understanding about it. It was an awesome experience though.”

Being an extra at WrestleMania 15:

“So the day before WrestleMania 15, I was running a live event. WM15 was in Philadelphia the next day. They added a segment at the last minute with The Big Show getting arrested. Back then, there weren’t any cell phones. Jim Cornette, who was in charge of booking the extras at the time, couldn’t get a hold of anyone because they were all on their way to my show. I got a message on my pager to call Cornette. When I called him, he said he couldn’t get a hold of anyone and told me to book a dozen guys to be cops and include myself as one of them. So here I am, 21 years old and not only going to be in a WrestleMania but I get to book the guys for the segment as well. It was a pretty freaking amazing experience. If you go back and watch it, I was dying to have a speaking role in it. So I just made it up. You can see me saying “Close that, close that” to the cop sitting in the driver’s seat of the cop car- like he didn’t know he had to close his door to drive. It’s really funny if you go back and watch it knowing that I was going to do anything possible to speak during this segment.”

The King of ISPW Tournament:

“An awesome show. If you haven’t experienced an ISPW show yet and you live in the New Jersey area, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. There are literally dozens of Independent wrestling groups in my area. The difference is though that I have nearly 30 years experience running live events and I’m only 45 years old. I am very excited for this tournament, featuring eight of our top guys “The Superstar” Danny Morrison, Bull James, Afa Jr, LSG, Shawn Donavan, Rick Recon, Traxx, and Michael Mars. We are going all out-we have the throne, scepter, the purple cape and crown, etc. It’s going to be super cool. Bill DeMott will be there that evening to educate fans more about the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation and present the winner with the cape and crown. You can’t have a party in NJ without having Real 1 (FKA Enzo Amore) in the house so he will be there as well. There will also be two non-tournament matches featuring Justin Corino (with his manager former WWE Superstar Maven) defending against HC Loc (with TJ Epixx) and a Tornado Tag Team Match with The Now against The Birds of The Sun. For tickets and more info on ISPW, you can visit”

Fierro also talked about running his first wrestling event at 16 years-old, former NWA President Dennis Coralluzzo mentoring him, if he'd return to WWE or consider an opportunity with AEW, and more. You can check out the complete interview at this link.


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