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Tonight On IMPACT

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling

Several matches are being advertised for tonight's episode of IMPACT.

Impact Wrestling has released the following:

Tonight IMPACT will kick off with action! Sami Callihan vs. Fenix and Sami is looking to send a message to the brother of Pentagon Jr. Can Sami pick up a victory and deliver a message to Pentagon? Tonight we find out!

LAX vs. OGz and it has come to this, a street fight between the World Tag Team Champions, LAX and their bitter rivals the OGz. ANYTHING goes in the streets and tonight these four go back to their roots and battle in the concrete jungle. Will anyone survive?

Jimmy Jacobs Wants to Battle Johnny IMPACT?

We aren’t that sure about this decision by Jimmy Jacobs, but he wants to show Johnny IMPACT that he is the monster! Jimmy Jacobs sent a message to IMPACT last week and the battle happens tonight!

Scarlett Bordeaux has her own talk show on IMPACT now! What does that mean? It means we will be seeing more from Scarlett and that is a good thing for a lot of people. What will happen on her debut show? Find out tonight!

The World Championship was in jeopardy last week when Eddie Edwards challenged Austin Aries for the title, however if we have learned anything about Austin Aries it’s that Aries always has a plan. Austin Aries had Killer Kross waiting in the back and Kross picked the perfect time to pounce. Aries and Kross together means a lot of bad things for the other stars of IMPACT Wrestling. What will Aries and Kross have to say tonight?

Tonight we experience the most unpredictable two hours of wrestling of the week! Tonight is IMPACT Wrestling on Pop at 8PM ET/7PM CT on a night that features an awful lot of action!

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