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Tony Khan On His Backstage Role With AEW

AEW Dynamite is on TNT every Wednesday night. Tony Khan is the company’s president, and he takes that job very seriously.

Dave Meltzer made it very clear that “Tony Khan is the booker” of AEW. Another fan replied asking if he is more of an executive producer who approves pitches. Khan wanted to make it very clear that is is much more involved. No, not at all. I’m deep in the weeds. I write shows, lay out a large % of the stories, approve any and every segment that goes on the air, and I don’t just sit around and wait for people to pitch ideas to me. Another fan asked if Khan has been much more involved since January. They said that AEW’s storylines have vastly improved since that time. Khan replied that he was able to do some serious “reflection over the holidays” which helped him arrive in 2020 with a better direction. That’s a good observation, and yes, had to do a lot of reflection over the holidays to go into 2020 with a better and more organized process. And thank you very much for the kind words btw. AEW is continuing on through the pandemic and they haven’t lost a week yet. They are currently planning to make a return to live television next week. The young pro wrestling has accomplished a lot so far, but they are just getting started.


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