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Tony Khan Plans To Continue ROH Wrestling Operations

AEW president Tony Khan plans to continue Ring of Honor's wrestling operations after acquiring the company, and will serve as the booker. Khan made the announcement at the post-Revolution press conference. "What we're going to do going forward? I think it assumes that we're going to do something going forward. And yeah, I do still want to continue the operations going forward, and I am very excited about it and do have a lot of plans for it. I do expect to continue the wrestling operations," Khan said.

"I'm gonna be the booker. And there's a reason for that," said Khan. "Because I will be bringing in young wrestlers, and they have a lot of young wrestlers, and I think we're very successful here and we're doing very well here."

Khan also said that while assets are still being transferred to him, he wants to be respectful of the deal he made with Sinclair to acquire ROH and did not want to discuss specific plans as to ROH potentially serving as a developmental brand, a touring company, or what the distribution for ROH content both new and old would look like.

"I do have a lot of plans. I was very excited about reaching an agreement. I still plan to make more announcements. I think I'm still in a very preliminary phase," said Khan. "It's also a very valuable library that we acquired," Khan said of the ROH video library, but said that he could not detail whether ROH's Honor Club service will continue, or whether ROH footage and AEW footage could end up together on a streaming service.


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