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Tony Khan Reveals Special Role For Chris Jericho During AEW Fyter Fest

AEW will present Fyter Fest next week with night two debuting on July 8th. The second night of Fyter Fest will see Chris Jericho take on Orange Cassidy. Jericho will also be a part of night one’s programming.

Tony Khan revealed on AEW Restricted that Chris Jericho will be on commentary during night one of Fyter Fest. He didn’t specify if Le Champion will be around for the entire night, but he will be on commentary during Santana and Ortiz’s match against Private Party.

“It’s going to be interesting because Chris Jericho is going to be on commentary for this show. Matt Hardy is going to be at ringside. So, both teams are being advised by all time legends. Not just all time legends in the wrestling business, but two of the great tag team wrestlers of all time. All the great tag teams Chris Jericho has been and Matt Hardy is a Mount Rushmore tag team wrestler. I think it’s going to be an awesome match. Those are two top teams. There has been a rivalry going on for a while between Private Party and Santana/Ortiz that goes way back.”

AEW has a stacked card for Fyter Fest. WWE is competing with AEW’s special event by holding a two-night Great American Bash show. WWE’s NXT brand defeated AEW Dynamite in viewership by a considerable margin this week, so the Wednesday Night Wars are about to get very interesting.


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