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Tony Schiavone Interviews Sting Live On Dynamite (Full Recap)

After making a surprise debut on last week's AEW Dynamite, Sting returned tonight to speak with Tony Schiavone. During the segment, Cody and Arn Anderson were also in the ring with Sting while AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin sat high up in the stands.

Cody attempted to make it known he waited a long time to be in the ring with Sting, the newly signed legend responded that he wasn't here for Cody. Sting then made it clear by pointing up to Allin that he's who Sting is looking at right now.

Below is a recap of the segment:

Cody heads out to the ring as we go to break. Cody is joined by Arn Anderson, and Tony Schiavone talks with him. Tony asks Cody about Sting coming to the ring. Before Cody can say anything, Sting's music hits. Arn gets on the microphone and says he had to get a little closer, just to make sure this was real. He knows both guys have an agenda and heads out of the ring. Tony then offers up the microphone and says who is he to stay in the ring. Sting then tells him to wait and wants a hug. He then thanks Tony, especially for doing "It's Sting!" He asks Tony for one more, which he does.

Cody then welcomes Sting back, and thanks him for the assist last week. He says he's been waiting to share the ring with Sting for a very long time. Sting then says he's not here for Cody, at least not right now. He says there's something really familiar about this, he then points up at Darby Allin (who is sitting up in the stands). He looks at the wrestlers at ringside and says he's in the jungle, but he's glad to be back. Cody then says "Like I said, sir, welcome back" but doesn't have such a happy look on his face at this point.

Sting says the only thing that is for sure about Sting — is nothing is sure. He mentions being signed with AEW, and plans on being close to the promotion for a long time. Sting says how he chooses to play, that's his business. He thing pulls Cody in, "see ya around, kid." Cody looks a bit annoyed as Sting makes his way to the back.

As noted, it's been reported AEW is looking to have Sting wrestle at some point down the road.

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