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Top Prospects Compete For IMPACT Wrestling Contracts On New Series ‘Pro Wrestling Challenge'

IMPACT Wrestling is teaming with some legends of professional wrestling for a new unscripted series called Pro Wrestling Challenge.

According to a press release issued to WrestleZone, IMPACT Wrestling, Dory Funk Jr. and B. Brian Blair of Fingertip Productions, and Diamond Dallas Page have teamed with executive producer Joel Eisenberg for a new show that “focuses on the real-life sacrifices and dreams of a group of pro wrestling students presently enrolled in wrestling schools around the country.” Compared to the Oscar-nominated documentary Hoop Dreams, Pro Wrestling Challenge will present a “stark, truthful portrayal of pro wrestling stars.”

“We want to explore the draw of taking bumps for a living, and the extreme sacrifices it takes to get there, usually in front of small crowds unless one impresses the right people,” Joel Eisenberg explained. “The personal and professional conflicts portrayed in this program will be entirely unscripted. During the second half of the season, our top prospects will have an opportunity to compete for two developmental deals with IMPACT Wrestling.”

“The show is about dreamers,” says Blair. “Most people who watch wrestling don’t understand the life. The travel, the injuries, even tragedies are very real. We’ll get into it all, and in the end expect to find those two special and diverse winners during the competition aspect to ply their trade with IMPACT Wrestling.”

Unlike other competition-based reality shows, the contestants will not share living quarters. They will remain in their own homes. “Some are homeless,” adds Blair. “They have literally given everything for their dreams.”

“IMPACT Wrestling is excited to partner with this group of professional wrestling legends to develop the next crop of talent,” said Scott D’Amore, Executive VP of IMPACT Wrestling. “From British Boot Camp to Gut Check, IMPACT Wrestling has always been committed to developing talent and creating stars in all corners of the globe. We look forward to collaborating on this series and offering two lucky upstarts a contract with IMPACT Wrestling in 2022.”

Pro Wrestling Challenge is expected to air in late 2022; no other details about the broadcast details were announced as of press time.


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