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Trey Miguel Pitched A Match With Amazing Red At Scrapped TNA PPV, Recalls Facing His Hero

WrestleZone recently spoke with Trey Miguel, who was one of the five participants in the World Championship match at Slammiversary. Trey’s pick for a recommended match is from Warrior Wrestling 7 in Chicago and it saw his Rascalz trio team up against three of professional wrestling’s biggest names in Will Ospreay, Amazing Red and Rocky Romero. Trey went on to explain how he first discovered Amazing Red by seeing him compete against Kurt Angle on IMPACT Wrestling. He continued by saying Red became an inspiration to him, as Trey was always told wrestling was a big man’s sport and Red was the one that proved that theory wrong.

“If you can hold your own against any of those three it really says a lot about you. To do that match and then have some of the experiences and talks after the match, it was just—if you go back and watch the match, once it’s over you just see Dez, Zach and I just balling our eyes out,” Trey said. “I sat down on the bottom rope because I just could keep tears from falling out of my eyes. It’s probably the best feeling that wrestling has ever given me in my entire life.

“They always say don’t meet your heroes because your heroes will crush your dreams or they’re not what you’re expecting. I met my heroes that day and they were just the most amazing people to work with, and then to get some feedback and to create some memories and bonds that I did,” Trey said. “I don’t know how I’d ever be able to pay that back. I thought that this is probably the coolest thing to ever happen to me. Obviously WrestleCon didn’t happen this year, but we were going to do the TNA throwback show, and I had tweeted that I wanted to wrestle Amazing Red, I’d do whatever I had to. Amazing Red messaged me and said ‘hey brother, if you can make that match happen I would love to do it.’ The fifteen-year-old in me just broke down.

“You can wrestle someone that one time and it instantly means something to you that it doesn’t mean to the other person, all you know is how you feel and hope that it is full circle. It’s something that you wonder when you have some of these experiences—he saw the genuineness in us and reached back out to me after just making a Tweet. I thought that was one of the coolest things in the entire world,” Trey said, “and I’ll never forget that memory. Just knowing that that happened off of one match, it’s mindblowing.

“There are so many wrestlers that struggle after having a single bad match and they want to quit and say ‘I’ll never do this right’… Wrestling does such a good job of feeling like the best person in the world, and the worst person in the world, so whenever I’m down on myself I watch that match because it reminds me that not everyone you meet is a bad person and you can meet your heroes, it can be a positive experience for you. Before that match, there were a handful of times where I thought ‘I’m done with this, I’m not good at wrestling. I’m tired of seeing myself on TV and reading the negative remarks that I get.’ That match shows me why I’m doing what I’m doing and this is why I need to continue.”

We added some free-to-watch recommendations to the list and selected a good mix of bouts from Trey’s career; you can check out the match from Warrior Wrestling 7 in its entirety for free on Highspots at this link.

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