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Trey Miguel Returning To IMPACT Wrestling Is Best For Business

Former Rascalz member Trey Miguel made his surprise return during last night's episode of IMPACT On AXS. Trey was reveled as the mystery 4th person in last night's main event. Trey was able to pin former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan. While many fans thought it was only a matter of time before Trey would join his former stablemates Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz in NXT he decided to come back with IMPACT.

Trey Miguel was someone who back in 2019 we successfully predicted would become a huge breakout star in 2020.

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Trey performing at a high level led to him being apart of IMPACT Wrestling's biggest pay-per-view main event at Slammiversary. Although he did not win the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship, it showed the fans and others in the wrestling industry what Trey is capable of.

We here at Indy Pro Wrestling feel like Trey made the right decision returning to IMPACT. Trey is someone who can benefit being in a smaller promotion who can build around him. Many wrestlers before and after him have used IMPACT as a stepping stone to get a strong following and then sign elsewhere when their contract expires. While that's the goal of many, it does hurt IMPACT and their fans in the end. We see Trey coming back as a sign of IMPACT Wrestling changing the revolving door of talent perspective. It shows that IMPACT is a destination for wrestlers and IMPACT can be great for their careers. Wrestlers like Moose, Eddie Edwards, Rosemary, & Sami Callihan have all benefited staying with IMPACT. Trey can be another success story with IMPACT. Now would be the right time to build the whole company around him. He's their next big home grown star.


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