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Turnbuckle Talk Episode 224: Hitting The Bearded Turnbuckle

On our 224th episode Mighty Joe Morin and Karl Karufel are joined by Ric Vickrey of Hitting The Marks and Joseph Poulin Jr of Between Two Beards for more wrestling discussion, including;

Vince says form now on all matches in WWE will be done for a reason and won’t just be thrown together for no reason… our thoughts

Do storylines really matter in professional wrestling?

Whats the best way to tell a story in professional wrestling? (With backstage or pre recorded vignettes/interviews, in the ring psychology during the match, or a combination somewhere in the middle?)

Brief recap on WWE HIAC

Does professional wrestling need Brock Lesnar? And does Brock Lesnar need professional wrestling?

Breaking News

Match of The Week

Showstopper Segment

We give our picks for best and worst match storylines of all time

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