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Two Potential Major TV Network Deals In The Works For AEW

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

According to a new report from WOR, AEW (All Elite Wrestling) officials recently had a meeting with a potential network to carry their TV. The meeting took place on Saturday and there are said to be two potential deals on the table. According to the report, the meetings were described as “real money and real stations.”

As of this writing, a deal hasn’t yet been signed, but it will reportedly be “the best non-WWE TV deal for a wrestling company since the days of WCW.” Keep in mind several top AEW officials are at tonight’s Super Bowl event in Atlanta, GA. That could be a major hint if you know your history. (Turner Broadcasting has their Headquarters located in Atlanta, GA).

The networks are being described as “bigger than Spike TV in terms of prestige, by a long shot.”


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