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Ultimate X Match Returns At Homecoming

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

When Impact Wrestling returns to PPV early next year, there will be an Ultimate X match to determine a new X-Division Champion. The latest X-Division Champion, Brian Cage, will cash in “Option C” on the PPV for a shot at the Impact Wrestling World Championship currently held by Johnny Impact.

The rules for an Ultimate X match are as follows:

3 or more participants (at Homecoming there will be 4).The X-Division Title or a giant red “X” are placed high above the ring (at Homecoming it will be the title).Two cables are attached high above the ring with the title or X placed in the middle.The first wrestler to grab the title or X is declared the winner.

Impact has announced 4 wrestlers will compete in the match, though none of the participants have been officially named as of yet. Qualifying matches will begin next week.

Homecoming takes place January 6th, 2019 from the Nashville Fairgrounds, also known as the TNA Asylum.

Impact Wrestling’s Ultimate X Match

The first Ultimate X match was held in 2003. Michael Shane won the X-Division title from Chris Sabin in a match which also involved Frankie Kazarian. Sabin is the all-time winningest competitor for these matches, however. He has won 8 out of 17 of such matches he has taken part in.

Ultimate X Match Winners:

Chris Sabin (8 of 17)

Christopher Daniels/Suicide (5 of 8)

Alex Shelly (4 of 7)

Frankie Kazarian/Suicide (3 of 8)

Doug Williams (2 of 2)

Eddie Edwards (2 of 2)

Michael Shane (2 of 5)

Petey Williams (2 of 5)

AJ Styles (2 of 5)

Davey Richards (1 of 1)

Brother Ray (1 of 1)

Brother Devon (1 of 1)

Johnny Devine (1 of 1)

Volador Jr. (1 of 1)

Matt Hardy (1 of 1)

Austin Aries (1 of 2)

Hernandez (1 of 2)

Jeff Hardy (1 of 2)

Brian Kendrick (1 of 2)

Trevor Lee (1 of 3)

Rockstar Spud (1 of 3)

Amazing Red (1 of 3)

Puma/Suicide/Manik (1 of 4)

Homicide (1 of 4)

Low Ki (1 of 4)

Kenny King (1 of 5)

DJZ (1 of 7)

Andrew Everett (1 of 4)


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