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Update On WWE & IMPACT Wrestling Meeting

Photo Credit Ghetto187

Impact Wrestling hasn’t been a thorn in WWE’s side for their entire existence. After all, when they first started in their weekly Wednesday night pay-per-views back in 2002-2003, they were barely hanging on. In the years since the company has experienced a lot of changes and some of it has been for the better, and other decisions haven’t helped anyone out at all.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that while the exact nature of the meeting is unclear, WWE did request a meeting with Impact Wrestling officials last week. Triple H was there representing WWE with Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore represented Impact Wrestling.

It was said that no deal of any kind was the result of this meeting, but it was said that when the meeting had come to a conclusion that “the days when the two sides were enemies are supposed to be over.”

Only time will tell what kind of deal could result in this kind of relationship between the two companies. After all, nothing was signed and all we know at this point is that the two sides are getting along now. But it could be interesting to pay attention to what happens next, especially with  Impact Wrestling’s new regime putting out a consistently better product.

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