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Wardlow Crowned New AEW TNT Champion On Dynamite

Street Fight for the TNT Championship: Scorpio Sky (with Dan Lambert and Ethan Page) (c) vs. Wardlow

The two competitors feel each other out. Wardlow overpowers Sky and sends him to the outside. There, Lambert tries to get involved as he distracts Wardlow. A plethora of American Top Team Members confront Wardlow and attack him. Back in the ring, Sky takes control and grounds the challenger. He takes some time to gloat, and Wardlow rallies with a clothesline. The powerhouse gains the upper hand and drills Sky with some shoulder strikes in the corner. Sky fights back and evades Wardlow to send him shoulder-first into the ring post. Wardlow hits a Swanton Bomb. The ATT members charge the ring, and Wardlow overcomes them, as he throws one onto a group of the others. Sky blasts the challenger with the title for a two-count. Wardlow sends Sky crashing into Lambert, who got up on the apron. “Mr. Mayhem” powerbombs Sky three times for the win.

Winner and new TNT Champion: Wardlow


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