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Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series Returns To Chicago Heights On July 17th With Another Stellar Lineup

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Summer has just begun which means live outdoor sports will be happening during hopefully our final year during the current pandemic, from Major League Baseball and among school team sports. However for most Wrestling fans from Chicago it’s the return of the Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series emanating from Marion Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, IL. It started on Saturday June 5 with the first event, and returns this Saturday July 17th!

This event features Current Stars from American Pro Wrestling Promotions such as AAW, MLW, and those unsigned currently featured on Independent TV Live. The Newly Crowned Warrior Wrestling Lucha Champion and Major League Wrestling Star Aramis will defend his title against Former Impact Wrestling Star Daga. While Women’s Champion and Chicago’s Own “Smile’N” Kylie Rae will defend her title against her toughest challenge to date in Lady Frost. Also “Murder Hawk” Lance Archer comes to Chicago Heights to take on Robert “Ego” Anthony with Frank the Clown, while AEW’s newest signees “The Varsity Blondes” take on “Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin and MLW Star Richard Holiday while AEW’s Duante Martin takes on Independent Standout KC Navarro of AEW Dark and Impact Wrestling’s Super X Cup.

Host Sean Lennon talked to Warrior Promoter and also Principle of Marion Catholic Steve Tortarello and asked questions for

Talk about the lineup being different this time around many them are first time performers coming Saturday to Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series almost as many as current roster being represented?

We're really excited to introduce our audience to some new faces and welcome back some regulars who weren't on the June 5 show. So, it's great for long-time fans and new fans alike! We're hoping to find some "future regulars" among a lot of these new faces!

You don't have a Warrior Wrestling Championship Match however there is the Lucha Championship being defended by Aramis and Women's Championship being defended by Kylie Rae talk about having now 3 diverse divisions that can all fill in the headlining role?

When we introduced the Lucha Championship this spring, one of the things our team talked about was that we would now have 3 legitimate titles that can close out any show. As you said, Trey is busy at Slammiversary on Saturday, but we've got Kylie and Aramis to carry the show. There will be shows in the future where our women's or lucha champ won't be available. Having three belts allows for flexibility in scheduling and booking.

What do you think Frank The Clown has in store for us after the ruckus that happened at the last Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series after he was removed from the crowd several times only to hijack a chopper and arrive with his group of rebels?

God only knows! I can say this, Frank is never satisfied, and he never settles. He's got a few surprises that he's working on that would rock the stadium...literally.

Warrior Wrestling has now gotten bigger talk about the national coverage your receiving and also first time some of the AEW talent like Tay Conti have been featured on a independent show?

We're really proud of having become one of the "places to go" for national stars looking to break into the indies and for indie stars looking to make a bigger name. We're blessed to have the platform and attention that we have, and we hope to use it to help some great performers!

There's recognizable stars at every show but this one seems to feature more than usual from Calvin Tankman from MLW against fellow competitor Jordan Oliver, Women's champion Kylie Rae from NWA Powerrr against huge standout on east coast in Lady Frost also from NWA Powerrr, Danhausen from ROH against Lee Moriarity from IWTV, and first time ever match returning Davey Richards from MLW vs. Jonathan Gresham from ROH how do you top this card in August?

I can't give too much away now, but I can tell you our philosophy. Generally, we don't try to top our last show, but we try to be totally different from our last show. So, August will have some other brand new stars and go in a different direction than July. We'll announce the card this weekend, and trust rocks!

What is Warrior Wrestling's plans for the fall as of now?

We're hoping to return to indoor shows in October or November!

Who would you want to bring back from the past 2 cards this year for the third Stadium Series and why?

I would love to bring back Jake Something from June 5th. He's an unbelievable talent, and we see big things for him!

Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series Returns July 17th head to WarriorWrestling.Net for more info!

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