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Where Do They Go Next? A Look Into The Next Move For AJ Styles, Gallows, & Anderson

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This Article was Written By Mike Johnson from PWInsider.com

There's been a lot of rumors about the futures of AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson lately.  They all came to WWE at the same time, which was January 2016.  Since we are in December, are their deals coming up?  What's their future look like?

While they all came in at the same time, their deals are not about to come up.  According to multiple sources we have spoken with, Styles' current deal is up in April 2019, so he's got some time left and one would think he and WWE are already discussing a new deal.  As far as the grossly underutilized Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, we had previously reported their deals were up in the Fall of 2019.  I checked after getting this question and have been told their current deals are up in September 2019.  Hopefully WWE actually does something with them before then!  As far as their futures, at least for most of 2019, it's WWE.

Mike Johnson also writes here on what he thinks the next move for the Elite will be.

Everyone seems to be assuming what The Elite is going to do.  What do you say?

I refuse to speculate as until 1/1/19 hits, they are still under contract to Ring of Honor and therefore can make any choice they want about their future.  Their most likely scenario is forming their own promotion going forward, but that doesn't mean Triple H can't come down the chimney with a ridiculously insane offer and suddenly their decision changes.  Until they can legally put pen to paper, anything can happen.  Just a few years ago, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were all TNA bound and over the course of one phone call, that all changed.  Things change really quickly in pro wrestling and we've got a group of talent who can punch their own ticket in a way that no one has been able to do so since the death of WCW.  I think they will do what's going to be best for themselves and their family.  What that is won't truly reveal itself until after New Year's and anyone who 100% tells you otherwise is deluding themselves in my opinion.


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