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Why We Might See Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson Sign With IMPACT Wrestling

Ever since the CoronaVirus shutdown lead to several WWE talents being let go of their contracts the wrestling world has speculated where will Doc (Luke) Gallows & Karl Anderson go? While many are confident that Gallows & Anderson will go to AEW or return to New Japan. But that may not be the case. There has been rumors that Gallows & Anderson might sign with IMPACT Wrestling. While there has been many several wrestling news sites featuring a clip of Gallows & Anderson’s Podcast ‘Talkin’ Shop’ where IMPACT Wrestling president Scott D’Amore accidentally called into the show. The clip also highlights a part where Gallows & Anderson ask Scott D’Amore if they can get the same terms as the last offer you gave us? This is in reference to reports back in late 2015 where Gallows, Anderson, & AJ Styles where they reportedly had agreed to sign with IMPACT (TNA at the time) before ultimately signing with WWE instead.

Here's The Audio Clip Courtesy of The Combat Republic.

The Time When AJ Styles, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson Almost Signed With TNA.

Now let’s reflect a little on what was going down around this time back in 2015. TNA at the beginning of 2015 signed a new TV deal with Destination America after being canceled from Spike TV. Unfortunately the TNA deal with Destination America was short lived as near the end of 2015 they also got canceled by the network. With TNA suffering ill fate llosing 2 TV deals in 2 years. Things were not looking so bright for the promotion. However TNA was able to secure another TV deal that would have its flagship show ‘IMPACT Wrestling’ on POP TV beginning in January 2016. To regain a positive image within its fanbase and the rest of the wrestling community TNA wanted to make their debut episode of IMPACT on POP TV memorable.

TNA had several talks with AJ Styles, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson about joining TNA. The thought process behind this was for AJ Styles to debut on the debut episode of IMPACT on POP and for Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson to debut in February when their contract with New Japan would expire. They were going to debut at the UK tapings as a new version of either the Bullet Club or an Aces & Eight’s type of stable but that was never leaked as to what the new stable would have been called.

Report On TNA Negotiations Courtesy of

Here’s a small snippet of what was documented at the time.

AJ Styles made an agreement last month to return to TNA Wrestling with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows … but the company claims all three suddenly backed out at the last minute.

TNA released a statement stating they had been in “serious discussions” with AJ for months — Gallows and Anderson were later added to the mix — and the trio met with Dixie Carter at her home to sign the agreement on December 14th.

Sources close to the wrestlers acknowledge the deal, but note it was pending an official contract that would be agreed upon by all parties — which they don’t believe they received in a timely manner.

First talk of the Bullet Club brethren going to WWE was on January 4th though, less than one month later. It’s unclear when the wrestlers were supposed to have the TNA deal in their hands, but one close source says it was delivered before they all performed at NJPW‘s Wrestle Kingdom 10.

We’re told the plan was for AJ to return to TNA after the debut on Pop TV — with the other two wrestlers joining much later — and according to TNA’s site, they already had merch designed.

TNA Wrestling claims the group stopped responding, however, after they sent the finalized contract. A lawyer contacted them shortly after saying AJ and company had changed their mind.

A rep for Styles, Gallows and Anderson would only confirm that “no formal contract was ever signed.”

He had no further comment."

Signing With WWE Over TNA.

Photo Courtesy of WWE

AJ Styles joined the WWE and debuted as the third entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble. AJ Styles had a huge pop from the crowd as many didn't really know if he had indeed signed with the WWE. An important thing that we must point out is that AJ Style's first WWE appearance was technically for the WWE Championship as whoever was the winner of the 2016 Royal Rumble's would become the new WWE Champion. (Yes we know technically AJ Styles was in the WWE in early 2002 in dark matches, Sunday Night Heat & Jakked but he was never signed). AJ Styles went on to have a very successful WWE run, becoming a 2 time WWE Champion, 3 time WWE United States Champion.

For AJ Styles joining the WWE was his best decision unfortunately we can not say the same for Luke (Doc) Gallows & Karl Anderson. Gallows & Anderson both made their debut on an episode of Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles California attacking The Usos. Gallows & Anderson went on to become 2 time WWE Tag Team Champions & they were also the winners of the 2019 WWE Tag Team World Cup. Other than their 2 tag team championship title reigns they were dead on arrival. They did not have a great run as many were expecting that they would dominate the WWE tag team division. They were severely under-utilized and were relegated to WWE Main Event which is considered as WWE filler content on TV. Hardly any WWE fans tune into that show. In this scenario Gallows & Anderson would have been better utilized and had a more successful run had they joined TNA in 2016.

Watch The Debut of AJ Styles At The 2016 Royal Rumble.

Watch The Debut of Gallows & Anderson As They Attack The Usos.

Joining IMPACT Wrestling

Now that Gallows & Anderson are free agents, joining IMPACT Wrestling would be the best outcome for their career. While many die-hard fans would prefer that they return to New Japan or join AEW. Here are some reasons why IMPACT should be their new home. Let's start off with reasons why a return to New Japan wouldn't work. The COVID-19 pandemic has currently shut down wrestling in Japan. So an immediate return to NJPW at this time isn't possible. Why joining AEW wouldn't be the right fit right now. We at Indy Pro Wrestling are not saying that they will be mistreated or underutilized in AEW. We just feel that since they have history with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Cody that they might want to try new things first before joining AEW later down the line.

Right now IMPACT Wrestling is currently rebuilding their tag team division. Gallows & Anderson can be the veteran tag team that IMPACT Wrestling desperately needs to help build its future stars. Gallows & Anderson can reform the Aces & Eight's stable which was a TNA take on a faction similar to the NWO. Gallows being a former member of the Aces & Eights can come back as the new leader along with Karl Anderson and go after the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions. They can also recruit new members or even just keep it as a 2 man tag team. It is interesting to note that there is something possibly brewing within IMPACT if their two new t-shirts with Pro Wrestling Tees have anything to say.

IMPACT Wrestling just released a new retro Team Canada t-shirt which can also lead to speculation that they intend to come out with a new version of Team Canada possibly lead by The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) maybe a returning Eric Young, Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore. IMPACT Wrestling also released a retro Aces & Eights t-shirt. Aces & Eights can have Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson, maybe a returning Mr. Ken Anderson, Bully Ray & possible new recruits such as Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, & Mike Bennett. Now if something like this happens it will dominate the pro wrestling industry. Wherever Gallows & Anderson end up, that wrestling company will definitely benefit from their star power.

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