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Willie Mack Explains Why His Stint With The WWE Didn't Work Out

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

Willie Mack is coming off signing a long-term deal with Impact Wrestling and the former NWA National Champion spoke about his journey leading up to his new home. One of those stops is with the WWE, as Mack had a developmental deal with the company back in 2014 and the former Lucha Underground star discussed why it didn’t work out, revealing that he was signed but never used at all (transcript courtesy of

"I wasn't in WWE at all," Mack stated. "I got signed in February 2014 and signed for six months. I was supposed to go down there [to the Performance Center] in October but they said don't plan on coming down. The doctor said they don't like one of your knees and don't like how your blood pressure is.

"I'm like, 'What? Y'all had me do this tryout and sign off my life telling me you're gonna give me all this cash, and then right before I'm about to leave they said don't plan on coming.That was five years ago and if something was wrong it would have popped up by now. But I think it was a whole lotta other stuff and I heard some stuff from a few people. We'll see what happens and if they ever hit me back up."

Mack came into the company helping longtime friend Rich Swann and talks about his relationship with the X-Division champion:

"We're kinda like brothers even though we're not blood related," stated Mack. "I saw him back in the day when he was scratching to get his start in Dragon Gate and we talked way back in 2010. We kicked it off and [Impact] said, 'Hey, you're gonna be Rich's partner for Bound For Glory,' and I'm like 'Alright. Hell yeah.'

"He's got talent. I got talent. We put that together and we're hella-talented. We came to show the world what we got."


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