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WWE Is Considering Moving NXT To Tuesday Night's Effectively Ending Wednesday Night War Against AEW

Photo Credit WWE

Two weeks of NXT Super Tuesday has shown a marked increase in viewership for WWE’s third brand, and that may lead WWE and the USA Network to move the show permanently to Tuesday nights. WWE has consistently struggled with NXT in its time slot opposite AEW Dynamite on Wednesdays, but many assumed that WWE was fine to keep the program where it was in order to try to split the viewership between the two promotions. This argument even has some merit as AEW has been posting very high numbers as well in its time unopposed in the past few weeks. However, it seems that WWE is not just thinking in the short term.

According to a Fightful report, USA Network had originally pitched NXT moving to Tuesday nights several months ago. They trust WWE to provide a good product, but they aren’t concerned with the Wednesday Night Wars, as it loses the network viewers in the long run. In those talks, WWE was said to have been receptive to the idea, although nothing firm is planned as of now.

NXT’s two week stay on Tuesdays was seen internally as a test to see how the program would fare, and the positive results may mean that both shows will start running unopposed in the near future. RIP to the Wednesday Night Wars and hello to a much easier schedule for wrestling fans.

On the AEW side of things, neither TNT nor AEW has seriously considered moving Dynamite off of Wednesday night, due to a combination of wrestling and other sports competition throughout the week. Considering that Dynamite breached a million viewers this past week, there’s no real need to fix what ain’t broken.

The only thing that will directly affect NXT moving to Tuesday night's would be IMPACT Wrestling's viewership which has seen a slight decrease in viewership when going head to head with NXT. Indy Pro Wrestling will continue to provide coverage as things change and progress on the matter.

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