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WWE Reportedly In Talks With MLW About Working Agreement

WWE has been saying they are open for business, and it appears they are trying to make good on that claim.

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has been in talks with MLW about a potential working relationship between the two promotions. It was noted that WWE apparently does not like the reputation they have for being closed to working with other promotions, and are in talks with MLW about putting some kind of talent exchange together.

It was explained that if a deal were to happen, it would be similar to the recent arrangement WWE had with EVOLVE, and the ECW deal in the mid-90s “to a degree”. The benefit would be that talent would get a chance to work on TV more and get more exposure, also changing the perception about the company and show that they are changing with the times and collaborating. It was noted that having the deal actually coming to fruition remains to be seen, but this would potentially alleviate the frustrations of talent not being used.

Triple H has been asked about the potential working relationship with outside promotions in the past, most recently on the NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver media call after Chris Jericho’s Broken Skull Sessions appearance was announced. Triple H has repeatedly said that WWE is open for business and will do whatever is best for the company, and reiterated that much on the TakeOver call.

“We’re open for business,” Triple H reiterated. “We’ve said it a million times on things. Vince has been very adamant in that. We’re open for business, whatever is best for business for WWE. Whoever that is. It’s a funny thing that people sometimes create their own situations in their head but it’s not shocking. First of all, I hadn’t heard the Jericho thing today, but it’s not shocking to me in any way, shape or form.”

“People make comments about people that leave and that they received a nice call from Vince or whoever it is. That’s not shocking to me at all. The perception and the creation of what people believe in their heads when they have zero knowledge of it personally is amazing sometimes. The fantasy world that is created. It’s not shocking to me in any way.”


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