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WWE Rumor Roundup - 8/15/2020

Photo Credit: WWE

The IndyPW team looks at the latest WWE rumors that could come to fruition come the next several weeks and months on WWE television. Credit goes to the folks over at our affiliate partner, the Hamin Media Group.

Alex Blissing and The Fiend become the newest couple: 

It was first reported by the Hamin Media Group that Alexa Bliss and The Fiend would become a couple on WWE television. It appears over the last couple of weeks that is the direction the company is heading in. We saw on last weeks Smackdown Live Alexa Bliss gently touching the Fiends face as if there was more to the dynamic between the two, and while The Fiend turned away from her in a sort of "Beauty and The Beast" moment, the love story appears to be a thing more and more as we saw on the latest edition of Smackdown Live Alexa Bliss not only being unable to answer a question about her feeling about the Fiend but being saved by the Fiend at the end of the show. Rumor has it that The Fiend is expected to walk away as the new WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam after Alexa Bliss interferes in the match, causing Strowman to lose the title. 

Seth Rollins leaving WWE for several months:

It was first reported by the Hamin Media Group back in 2019 that Becky Lynch would be leaving WWE after Wrestlemania 36 due to motherhood as she and Seth were determined to make babies. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened, however, a child is deserving of a supportive dad and that is what will be happening here as Seth Rollins will be going on paternity leave within the next couple of months or so. It is rumored that Seth will either be finishing out the program with Dominik Mysterio and move on to a short program that will write him off WWE Television so that he can support Becky Lynch until she gives birth and thereafter. 

Raw Underground to have a champion:

It is rumored that the brainchild of Raw Underground comes from none other than Shane McMahon himself as the son of the chairman has always been a big fan of MMA and at one point many moons ago was behind the possible purchase of the UFC. Recently it was reported that the concept has garnered more of the younger demographic as it relates to viewership numbers and it seems that something is clicking. More importantly, however, though it seems that Vince McMahon himself is happy with the way Raw Underground has gone thus far, so much so, that a new title may be presented to keep the idea going for a much longer time than just a few weeks. As to who may be the champion for Raw Underground is yet to be determined. 

Who could be RETRIBUTIONS Leader and who may stop the group?:

What is rumored to be an ANTIFA influenced group known as RETRIBUTION, even more mayhem is expected to take place as early as next week as WWE has currently moved from the WWE Performance Center to the Amway Center. While the company did not officially say where they were going to be having their shows next week, it's been reported that SummerSlam was never going to take place at the Performance Center and that all major pay per views moving forward would take place in another venue. The RETRIBUTION idea may be heading in the direction of the group having a leader who has been behind the chaos happening on WWE television and it's rumored that none other than Kevin Owens or Mustafa Ali could be a part of the group or even its leader. But with every antagonist, whether it be a group or individual, there has to be a protagonist. For RETRIBUTION, it is rumored that a returning Roman Reigns could be who stops the group. Roman has been out since the beginnings of the pandemic but has been putting in the work as he has been "clanging and banging" steel at the gym as shown on recent photos of him. It will be interesting where this story goes.

The New SHIELD?:

One rumor that has surfaced is Roman Reigns returning to WWE with a couple of new allies to reform a new version of the SHIELD. Those two individuals, Akem and Rezar, The Authors Of Pain (AOP). With this new SHIELD, Roman would no longer be the top babyface of the company as a heel turn would take place here. If the rumors are true, there aren't any details as to how the formation of the group would happen. 


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