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Young Bucks & Kenny Omega Announce Location for AEW All In 2

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) and Kenny Omega were part of a panel discussion at C2E2 in Chicago and more or less confirmed that All In 2 will take place in Chicago.

Omega notes that he hadn’t been to Chicago since All In, which prompted Nick to say that they should come back. This got a pop from the audience, and Matt joked that he thought they were “going to close with this,” presumably meaning they were going to make the announcement that All In 2 would take place in Chicago at the end of the panel. Omega said they were supposed to save this for the dramatic finale of the interview, but Nick said that he and Matt like to do everything right away. Omega said they should come back to Chicago for a Comic-Con, which the crowd replied to by chanting “All In 2,” and Matt responded by saying “let’s actually do what they’re saying” as he pointed to the crowd. Kenny said let’s do it again and asked the fans if they wanted another show in Chicago.

Matt said that there is a “building here that has our damn faces on the plaque in the entrance, maybe we should go there,” a reference to holding All In 2 at the Sears Center in Chicago, the location of the original All In.


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