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Young Bucks On Their Experience While In IMPACT Wrestling

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

The Young Bucks have lit up the indie wrestling scene for the better part of the past three years, but they weren’t always huge stars in pro wrestling. In fact, they were once a forgettable tag team in Impact Wrestling called “Generation Me.” As Max and Jeremy Buck, Nick and Matt Jackson were still incredible performers, but the company they worked for largely ignored their potential.

While speaking to The Wrestling Perspective podcast recently, The Young Bucks were asked about their time in Impact Wrestling while host Petey Williams encouraged them to give Impact another try.

Nick Jackson explained that TNA’s booking of Generation Me was nonsensical and they didn’t seem to have a real direction for them as a team or as singles competitors. But he also revealed their initial intention was to leave Impact Wrestling with the possibility of returning later on once they made bigger names for themselves.

"So they split up and we became a singles act for like two months and then for no reason at all we got back together and nothing was explained by it. After that, Matt and I were like, ‘Oh these guys don’t care about us at all.’ So we felt like at that point the writing was on the wall for us at that point so we were thinking, ‘Hey maybe we go elsewhere and come back here and then they’ll take us seriously.’ That was our thought at the time but it was just a little bit of everything that happened.”

Matt Jackson added that it wasn’t just the fact that TNA didn’t know how to book them, but they were also terrible to do business with. Not only did they sign horrible contracts, but there were times that they would go a long period of time without any payment, even if they made the flight to come in for the television tapings.

“We had a bad deal too. It was the first contract we ever signed so we’ve learned a lot since then. It was the first contract we had ever been offered. So immediately without negotiating, we just signed it blindly. It was a bad deal. Basically, we were getting paid per appearance and they decided to sit us at home for very long periods of time which meant that we were literally making zero dollars some months.”

“I remember some weeks they would fly one of us in that wasn’t even working on the show so we would be in Florida and not be paid because they forgot to book us. But they would have us fly there it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m flying here, doesn’t that count as work?’ They were like, ‘Nope, you gotta be on TV to make money.’ So there were a few times when we flew there and didn’t get paid.”

Impact Wrestling has gone through a couple different leadership changes since The Young Bucks competed as Generation Me, but the experience might be enough to cause them to rethink another run with the company.

Only time will tell where the Young Bucks will end up next, but they experienced some nightmare situations like their checks not coming in time and getting flown in just to sit around and not make any money. This kind of thing can understandably strain any working relationship.

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