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Young Bucks To Impact Wrestling?

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  • Recent comments from LAX during a conference call hinting at a major tag team related surprise at Bound for Glory have reignited speculation that the Young Bucks may appear in an IMPACT ring soon.

Here’s what Ortiz had to say:

“We got a surprise and hopefully it works out for Bound For Glory. “I can’t say what it is but I’m just hoping everything falls into part, everything falls into place and Bound For Glory is going to be crazy.”

Santana added:

“And if it does, get ready, papa! Get ready!”

Early in their careers, the Bucks left TNA on relatively bad terms. They felt undervalued and underutilized by the regime there. Despite this, they had many memorable matches there, particularly against the Motor City Machine Guns.

Speculation about the possibility of many New Japan affiliated wrestlers appearing for IMPACT began when Don Callis took over leadership of IMPACT alongside his cohort Scott D’amore. Many thought that his ties to New Japan Pro Wrestling and his connections to many of those wrestlers might help IMPACT make deals with some wrestlers. The Young Bucks certainly have a connection with Don Callis since both they and Don Callis are known to be close friends with Kenny Omega.

The first time the Young Bucks added any fuel to the speculation fire was when IMPACT showed off their new tag titles. Nick Jackson reacted very approvingly to the new belts giving the impression that he may want to hold those belts in the future.

Since then the Young Buck have included Don Callis in their ALL IN plans by making Don Callis one of the announcers for the broadcast of the show. Meaning that a business relationship exists in at least one direction between them.

Earlier this week IMPACT started to heavily promote classic Young Bucks matches on their streaming service GWN.

Interestingly, Matt Jackson from the Young Bucks has been actively helping to promote this on Twitter, which would encourage fans to subscribe to GWN to check out the matches featured.

The Young Bucks have recently been announced for a hotly anticipated match against LAX in an ROH vs IMPACT branded match on the Jericho cruise.

There has been much rumor and speculation that further cooperation between ROH and IMPACT may continue after the Jericho cruise. This cooperation would allow the Young Bucks and other wrestlers to work IMPACT shows while under contract to ROH and vice versa.

Austin Aries is already crossing over between the two companies thanks to his open contract status. He is even appearing on ROH television wearing the IMPACT world title thanks to IMPACT‘s blessing.

What do you think of this speculation? Is an IMPACT run from the Young Bucks on the cards? Who else would you like crossover onto IMPACT? Let us know in the comments!


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