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Yuke's Executive Says There's No Rivalry With WWE Following Their New Partnership With AEW

Recently, it was announced that Yuke’s, the company that developed WWE’s video games for the last 20 years, would be the developers of the new AEW game that is coming to consoles next year.

Yuke’s left the WWE Games franchise in the middle of the development of WWE 2K20, which led to that game being filled with bugs and glitches and 2K Games ultimately making the decision to skip a year in the WWE simulation video game release lineup, something that hasn’t happened since 1997.

In a new interview with Video Game Chronicle, Yuke’s senior vice president and producer Hiromi Furuta revealed that her goal is to create video games that the community will enjoy and she does not see the creation of an AEW property as the beginnings of a rivalry with WWE.

“My goal is simply to create high-quality pro-wrestling games that are loved by the community,” she told VGC. “I do not think of it as being a rivalry with WWE, but rather as us creating a new product with AEW. I still love the WWE and respect its talent.”

Furthermore, she revealed that while the AEW game is currently using the skeleton of the new game that Yuke’s proclaimed they were developing last year, it wasn’t until very recently that the partnership with Kenny Omega and All Elite Wrestling came together.

“At that time there was the possibility of it becoming something else, but your understanding is correct. However, it was very recently that we began making the game with AEW… Unfortunately, [it’s] too early for us to discuss [details] at this time.”

Hiromi would conclude by saying that fans of the Beloved 2000 video game WWF No Mercy will be glad to know that that game serves as a key inspiration for the product.

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