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5 Returning Wrestlers Who Can Make An Immediate Impact For IMPACT Wrestling

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Sometimes signing new talent isn't always a solution for a pro wrestling company. Sometimes bringing back a familiar face or in this instance familiar faces can help bring some fans back. Here at Indy Pro Wrestling we tend to stay away from any kind of negative press for any wrestling promotion that we cover here. Now what's next to be said I feel like it's an OK statement to say that the IMPACT Wrestling TV deal with Pursuit Channel is doing more harm than good.

Now anyone can come back and say that's its way to early to make such a bold statement since they just debuted with Pursuit Channel just last month. In reality when IMPACT debuted with Destination America & POP TV at least they made the ratings in the TOP 150 shows in terms of viewership while none of the episodes of IMPACT while on the Pursuit Channel have even been reported on which is a bad sign if you ask me. But only time will tell to see if these low ratings will change.

Here is a list in no particular order of some wrestlers who we feel can help get some of their fan base back. Now this list will include some wrestlers who are currently signed with other wrestling promotions so we understand that and fully get it but this is just a suggestion of who IMPACT needs to re-sign with a contract as soon as they can.


Bad Influence re-signing with IMPACT Wrestling can really help turn things into the right direction. Most recently performing for Ring of Honor and are now currently signed with AEW. If IMPACT were ever able to establish a working relationship with AEW, Bad Influence would be the first tag-team that I would want to see return to IMPACT. The are considered "TNA Originals" and have put out some of the best matches in company history. The return of Bad Influence can really help expand the tag-team division for IMPACT and can really re-gain some interest for fans who haven't seen them perform in a while. IMPACT should really consider getting both Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels another go around with the company and they can now have dream matches with the new LAX, Lucha Bros, OVE, The Rascalz and many more teams.


Another wrestler who can also make an immediate impact for IMPACT Wrestling is Davey Richards. Davey can be used in many different capacities he can be used to have the American Wolves return as a tag-team, he can also be used in the main event scene as a contender for the X-Division or World Championship. The possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure for those who have been watching the product lately they seem to be mentioning to Eddie Edwards that they need the old Eddie to return. Are they secretly trying to tell us that the team of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are going to re-unite soon? Maybe but we do have to remember that back in 2017 Davey Richards did say he would be taking time off as a wrestler to focus on trying to become a doctor. He has mentioned that if he would make a return to wrestling he may do so sometime in 2019. Only time will tell if he would make a comeback to pro wrestling and hopefully it will be to return to IMPACT Wrestling.


Jessicka Havok's first run with IMPACT Wrestling was a short lived run but it was defiantly a memorable one. Portrayed as an unstoppable force in the knockout's division she would run through her opponents with ease. Just as quickly as she came along she was gone with the company after only one year. Now that time has passed a return to IMPACT Wrestling can really help the Knockout's division since now there is a whole new roster for Jessicka Havok to go against. She could easily be used as an enforcer for OVE. Jessicka is from Ohio so she can join OVE and she can go after the Knockout's title while the rest of OVE (Dave & Jake) go after the tag titles and Sami Callihan go after the world title that way have IMPACT under their control. This can be something new that IMPACT Wrestling hasn't really tried in the past.


Let's just admit it anytime Low Ki returns it definitely get's people talking. Considered a ROH & TNA pioneer and original there have been very few wrestlers who have a lot of their move-set copied by other wrestlers. Low Ki is just that good and innovative. Low Ki being a former tag & X-Division champion, it's a shame that he never won the world championship. He was very close back in 2017 during his last run with IMPACT Wrestling. Now that Low Ki has signed with MLW and became their World Champion we can clearly see that Low Ki has what it takes to become champion. (Yes we are aware of his ROH World title run). Whether Low Ki returns as a part of LAX in a continuation of his last story-line with the company or as a single act and contender for the IMPACT world championship it's clear that if he does return he should be considered next world champion. Low Ki still has what it takes to make an impact for IMPACT Wrestling.


Probably one of the most entertaining IMPACT Wrestlers of all time Jay Lethal has drastically improved since being let go back in 2011. He is currently signed with Ring of Honor and is their current world champion. Jay Lethal is a former tag and 6 time X-Division champion with IMPACT wrestling. He is probably most remembered for his Black Machismo gimmick where he would impersonate Macho Man Randy Savage. He also would impersonate Ric Flair which has a classic moment that has been seen by millions on YouTube and on TV. Now that Jay Lethal has left IMPACT many have argued that he has grown professionally as a wrestler to kind of get his comedy stuff passed him to show that he's a main event caliber guy. I'm sure that the nostalgia of a Jay Lethal return will at some point ask for a return to the Black Machismo gimmick but there's no denying that Jay Lethal will make an incredible IMPACT world champion even if he does not use his old gimmicks with the company this time around.

This is my list of the 5 wrestlers that IMPACT Wrestling needs to re-sign to show that they still got it. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @Ghetto187 thanks!


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