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5 Wrestlers That IMPACT Wrestling Needs To Sign

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

Sadly in early 2019 it seems that IMPACT Wrestling isn't signing wrestlers to contracts like their rivals, AWE, ROH, & WWE have. Unfortunately it seems that many wrestlers and backstage personnel are leaving. It's already being reported that Matt Sydal, Diamante, Caleb Konley, Trevor Lee, Abyss, & Sonjay Dutt have all left IMPACT. There has also been reports that companies such as AEW want to get the current IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions the Lucha Bros. With a lot more disposable income AEW might just steal the Lucha Bros and many more right up under IMPACT. But in order for IMPACT to stay a float and to stay relevant they need to open up their pockets and sign some talent to the company.

Lets explore the possibility of who IMPACT could sign and in this list I will put down 3 fresh new talents that have never been with IMPACT before and 2 wrestlers who can come back to the company. This list will be made in no particular order and again this is just based off of my opinion. Lets start!


For those who don't know anything about AR FOX you really need to check out this guys work, all I can say it's simply amazing and he can make a great addition to the X-Division

Making his name in companies such as CZW, Dragon Gate, AAW, Evolve, & now Lucha Underground it only make sense. Now that IMPACT has a working relationship with AAA, adding AR Fox to the IMPACT roster can really produce some dream matches with the likes of Rich Swann, Desmond Xavier, Eddie Edwards, & both members of LAX.

Here's a match showcasing his in-ring style


Relatively unknown Connor Braxton has been steadily making his mark in the pro wrestling scene. Trained at Seth Rollin's The Black And Brave Wrestling Academy. He would make a great addition to the IMPACT Wrestling roster. He has size that can make him go against other big men such as Moose, Johnny Impact, or Brian Cage, but he's also fast enough to have a match with anyone in the X-Division. IMPACT would be smart to build him up as their own home grown talent and he can become someone the IMPACT Wrestling fans would slowly embrace as a star.

Here's a match showcasing his in-ring style


For fans of the American Wolves tag-team group consisting of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards then Stephen Wolf will be someone you will love to become apart of the IMPACT Wrestling roster. He's truly one of indies best kept secrets. Trained by legendary wrestler Harley Race you just know that's destined for great success. Currently making rounds all across the independent scene for companies such as AAW, IWA Midsouth & Dreamwave just to name a few. He can become one of the X-Division's next rising star and become a new home grown talent for IMPACT Wrestling. This would be a smart move on IMPACT's end to get him and mold him into something big.

Here's a match showcasing his in-ring style


No background story is needed for this one. Eric Young coming back to IMPACT Wrestling can really help out in many ways. Let me get the most obvious one out right away. By EY coming back it would signal that Wrestlers want to return to the company. It will also be great a second time around since IMPACT Wrestling has a different roster that he can go up against. He can be someone to put over the new younger talents as well as creating his own new legacy and a return to the top for Eric Young while in IMPACT Wrestling. I don't think too many people will be against that idea. The other real beneficial reason why it would be smart for IMPACT Wrestling to bring back EY is because he can have his own show on the Pursuit Network. For those that don't know or don't remember EY used to have his own fishing/extreme sports show "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches", which appeared on the Animal Planet channel. EY coming back can really help the Pursuit Channel grow and maybe co-promote the shows on the network something that currently hasn't been done since the switch to Pursuit.

Here's a classic Eric Young IMPACT Wrestling moment


Another IMPACT Wrestling original that needs no introduction. Bobby Roode coming back home to IMPACT Wrestling can be something great just like when Austin Aries returned to IMPACT Wrestling last year and had arguably one of the best runs in all of pro wrestling. Just like we mentioned earlier with EY, Bobby Roode can go up against the new talent in IMPACT as well as instantly making IMPACT Wrestling a threat to other competition because Bobby Roode still has the 'It Factor". In any company in the pro wrestling business it's always important to have that mix of new younger talent and older familiar established talent. IMPACT Wrestling really needs to go after some 'Originals' to showcase that talent still want to work with them no matter what the past consisted of.

Here's a classic Bobby Roode IMPACT Wrestling moment

This is my list of the 5 wrestlers that IMPACT Wrestling needs to sign to show that they still got it. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @Ghetto187 thanks!


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