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A Look At IMPACT's TV Status

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

This is an excerpt from an article posted via the full article can be viewed here

"The following year, Impact found its way to Pop TV, which eventually put the foundation in place for the Anthem Sports purchase that rescued the company when it almost shut down. When Anthem started to run the company early this year with Executive VPs Don Callis and Scott D’Amore, the show was still scheduled for its usual time slot of Thursdays at 8 PM each week. At the start of the year, the program generated roughly 300,000 viewers weekly, a drastic decline from the Spike TV era with much more TV clearance, but still an improvement from Destination America in 2015. However, there was a noticeable decline in numbers over the past few months, more specifically since the start of football season with Thursday night games. Recently, Impact has garnered under 200,000 viewers for some episodes.

Last week, Impact announced that the TV show will move to 10 PM on Thursdays, but what does this translate to for the company?

It mostly depends on if this is just a move to avoid some of the competition from football or if it’s a way for Pop TV to minimize Impact before they cancel the show. Although, it would be odd for the network to move the show for just a few months until the conclusion of the NFL season, but at the same time, what’s the goal of a show that airs until midnight? Granted, this isn’t certain doom for the organization, and Impact survived rocky situations before, but the late-night time slot doesn’t help Impact establish itself. It’s possible that Anthem and Pop TV would be content with a niche audience, which is fine. Keep in mind, the bottom line in business is profitability so if Anthem finds a way to profit with Impact Wrestling that airs at 10 PM than it’s a successful project. NWA-TNA couldn’t find a profitable niche, but if Anthem does then it’s a smart business move. It remains to be seen what effect this late-night time slot will have of the status of Impact, but it doesn’t necessarily hinder the company."

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