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AEW Dark Elevation Results (12/26/2022)

Tonight's AEW Dark: Elevation action was taped prior to last Wednesday's Dynamite in San Antonio, Texas.

Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir defeated Karizma & Leva Bates

After dropping her leg on Karizma following an early exchange, Rose tagged out to Shafir. This prompted Karizma to sprint to tag out to Bates, who actually got some offense in before being dropped by a side suplex.

Rose came back in and shoved down Karizma. Shafir re-entered after Rose planted Karizma with a chokeslam. Moments later, Shafir submitted Karizma with a twisting armbar.

Later, Lexy Nair talked to Rose, Shafir, and Vickie Guerrero, which led to Guerrero getting frustrated with Rose and Shafir for their lack of direction after their Full Gear loss.

Julia Hart (w/ Brody King) defeated Promise Braxton

Hart charged Braxton in the corner with a backspring forearm. Moments later, Hart submitted Braxton with Heartless, earning the House of Black member her sixteenth straight win.

The Bunny defeated Madison Rayne

Bunny had the advantage at the onset as Rayne was blindsided early on. After delivering a series of elbows in the corner, Bunny resorted to choking her on the ropes with her legs. Although Rayne had a few moments of hope, Bunny eventually put her away with Down The Rabbit Hole.

Ethan Page gave a lecture backstage to Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy about falling in line under his leadership. When Page walked away, Hardy pulled out his Broken Matt Hardy outfit from his suitcase and said he was tired of Page's antics.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian came out of the gate with a few fiery chops, but Takeshita responded with a few of his own. The pace picked up quickly as Takeshita hit Kazarian with a float over DDT for a near fall. Kazarian responded with a scoop slam which was followed up by a Russian leg sweep for a near fall.

Kazarian seemingly had the edge when he attempted a springboard move. Instead, Takeshita caught him mid-jump and planted him with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Kazarian responded by trying to put Takeshita in a chicken wing submission, but instead, Takeshita planted Kazarian with a bridging german suplex for the victory.

Willow Nightingale & Ruby Soho defeated Madi Wrenkowski & Vertvixen

Soho and Wrenkowski started out and after Soho wrestled her to the mat, Nightingale came in and delivered a kick to her head. Vertvixen was in next, which prompted Soho to re-enter. Eventually, Wrenkowski and Vertvixen established control by double-teaming Soho.

Nightingale eventually got the hot tag and she bulldozed both Wrenkowski and Vixen. Nightingale then planted Vertvixen with a back breaker before tagging out to Soho who finished her off with a swinging facebuster for the win.

ROH Women's champion Athena defeated Kiera Hogan to retain the title

After rejecting the Code of Honor, Hogan sent Athena reeling to the outside with a dropkick. She proceeded to follow Athena, but the champion threw her into the barricade instead. After getting back in the ring, Hogan planted Athena headfirst into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl type slam. Hogan tried to climb to the top rope, but Athena pulled her down by her hair.

Athena then climbed up there herself followed by Hogan meeting her. Athena then power bombed Hogan off the top, followed up by an O-Face that gave Athena the pin and win.

Dralistico (w/ Jose The Assistant) defeated Blake Christian

This started out at a hundred miles an hour as Dralistico quickly sent Christian to the outside of the ring for a big dive. Christian was thrown head first into the barricade. Moments later, both guys ended up back in the ring where Christian planted him with a standing Spanish fly. Christian followed up with a springboard 450 splash for a near fall.

Christian then tried to return to the top rope, but Jose got involved and prevented him from diving. This allowed Dralistico to pull Christian off the top rope and plant him with a rotating piledriver for the quick win.


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