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AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts Results (05/05/2021)

Tonight is the night on AEW Dynamite as Blood & Guts commence between The Pinnacle and Inner Circle. Also on the card Cody Rhodes challenges QT Marshall and Jon Moxley teams up with Eddie Kingston to face Kenny Omega along with his tech lackey, Michael Nakazawa.


May 5, 2021, Jacksonville, FL, Daily’s Place

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

Don Callis initially comes out with Nakazawa solo to state that Omega was unable to attend, but assures everyone Nakazawa will take on both men. As Mox and Eddie enter, Kenny attacks both men from behind and the bell eventually rings. It’s very much a tornado tag match to start everything off with JR makes note of. All four men brawl on the outside.

Tide turns when Nakazawa gets a major low blow on Eddie behind referee Paul Turner’s back. He gets choked with a lanyard. Eddie later finds the added adrenaline when Kenny tries to chop him. Kenny enziguris Eddie and it therein cuts off the ring. Eddie hits a falling clothesline and tags in Mox for the hot tag against Nak. Everything unfolds when Kenny bails on his partner. It allows Mox and Eddie to hit a lariat German double team for the win.

WINNERS: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

Post-match, The Young Bucks come out on stage and it leads to The Good Brothers to attack from behind. A Magic Killer gets executed as The Bucks superkick both faces. Kenny comes out with cameraman Cutler and Kenny nails the OWA on Eddie for a visual three count.

QT Marshall (with The Factory) vs. Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson)

Cody doesn’t waste any time as he lays into QT. Cody takes off his weight belt, but Bryce Remsburg pulls it away. QT has one of his own and uses it across Cody’s back. The match gets further dirty as Cody rakes the eyes of QT and Marshall takes advantage of his aggression with a leaping suplex from up top. He follows that with a deadlift suplex. Arn tries to coach Cody as he recovers on the outside. QT pie faces Arn and Arn gives him a shot before grinding the head of QT into the post. We go to break!

Back from break, both men collide with some cross bodies. High boot from QT drops Cody. He gets his trunks pulled down and we get a blurry QT ass. Cody comes leaping off top with a standing moonsault and gets a near fall. QT avoids a Disaster Kick and soon hits Cody with a Cross Rhodes for a near fall. QT signals for a Diamond Cutter, but Cody avoids. Buckle Bomb by QT. Both men keep flipping for tombstone attempts and Cody nails it. Cody doesn’t hook the legs and QT kicks out.

Cody hits a Cross Rhodes, but QT manages to get a shoulder up. “QT sucks” chants by the crowd. Cody helps QT up, but locks him in the figure four. Cody is bleeding from the eye and QT taps.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

Post-match, Anthony Agogo comes in to give Cody a liver shot. He drapes the Union Jack flag over Cody.

We see Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page with Alex Marvez. He says Sting is nothing but a mosquito. “Showtime’s over. I’m the franchise now, bitch!” Ethan says he and Darby have a storied history, but he wants to talk about his medical history. His facepaint is covering up a dent Page put in his forehead. In comes Darby. He takes on both men atop of Daily’s Place, but the numbers game takes over and the duo down the TNT Champion. They send him down half a flight of concrete steps.

Britt Baker (with Rebel) vs. Julia Hart

Britt starts with a sharp kick to the mid-section of Julia (no relation to the Calgary family). Slingblade by Baker. She puts on the glove and nails an Air Raid crash. She pulls Julia up and Lock Jaw locked in. Tap out.

WINNER: Britt Baker

Taz gives a very biased “Technique By Taz” segment featuring Christian Cage.

Four-Way Tag Match For #1 Contendership Of AEW World Tag Titles

Varsity Blonds vs. Jurassic Express vs. SCU vs. The Acclaimed

It’s Kaz and JB starting it off. Athletic pins and counters are exchanged. Caster is in but everything breaks down in Jacksonville. We go to commercial.

Back from it, it’s Daniels and Caster in the ring. Bowens gets a near fall on the Fallen Angel. Daniels catches Bowens with a STO and Luchasaurus blind tags himself in as he takes out The Acclaimed. He chokeslams both Varsity Blonds down. Chokeslam to Kaz on the outside on top of the Blonds. Jurassic Express double team Acclaimed but Daniels makes the save. Pillman hits his patented springboard clothesline and gets a near fall on JB. JB turns him inside out. CD thwarts JB’s progress. Frankie tags himsel in and gets a near fall on Pillman. Pillman rolls Kaz up for a near fall of his own.

Kaz catches Pillman and CD leaps off with a BME Piledriver combo for the 1-2-3.


After that, a video package is aired for Mox vs. Yuji Nagata next week. He lays it all on the line against Nagata: “Once that bell rings, I got no respect for anyone.”

Schiavone is standing cage-side and introduces a white-suited Kenny Omega. He asks the crowd how many people here are ready for Blood & Guts? He gets “coked-out” about it before playing it down (“That makes one of us.”) “He’s been a busy man as of late collecting ga-old all over the world.” He asks that Tony Schiavone gives the announcement: it’s going to be PAC vs. Orange Cassidy with the winner to face Kenny at Double or Nothing. He says PAC is a man that has beaten him before and he understands that everyone wants to see that match again. He wants Tony to announce that instead as the match, but out comes Orange Cassidy. He leans on Tony’s shoulder. “PAC or who?” Kenny playfully asks. He laughs. “Freshly squeezed” chants. He understands what Orange means for this company. Hands in pockets. Kids at Halloween dressed up. Same with kids at sock hops. Someone like him would never be championship material. In fact, the only thing Championship material about him is something he’s ripped off of him. He takes Orange’s shades. He’s the guy that made shades famous. Legit Ray Bans. He takes Orange’s shades and puts them on Nakazawa. Orange stands there. Kenny says Nak looks better in them and he would look like a better champion too. Kenny blows him off and Orange stands there with hands in pockets.

Next up, Schiavone introduces Miro. He warned the locker room “You got a title, you got a problem.” He’s got a signed contract and in seven days he’s going to face Darby Allin next week for the TNT Title. Tony begins to read that Darby forfeits the title if he doesn’t, but Miro says “no forfeit.” He wants Darby.

Blood & Guts

The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle

Dax and Sammy start the bout off. Sammy charges and leaps over into the other ring with a rolling leg kick. Sammy is on fire. Flourishes with a dropkick. Dax hits an Arn spinebuster and instinctively goes for a cover. Guevera slams him into the corner of the steel before hitting a jumping heel kick. Both men try to grind one another’s faces against the steel mesh. Dax gets toppled in between the cage and the ropes. His knee gets banged up. Sammy slams him side to side in the cage.

Sammy leaps off with a cutter on Dax as Spears gets in the ring with a chair. He downs Sammy and wedges the chair in the corner. Sammy fights back. Dax is covered in blood. Shawn wrecks Sammy with a chair and is near orgasmic in the results. Countdown begins. In comes Ortiz who tosses a chair. He takes it to both adversaries. Shawn and Sammy balance one another on the ropes and Ortiz throws a chair at Spears to set him up for a Spanish fly. Sammy is bleeding now too as IC look to be in control. In comes Wheeler. He takes on both men. Spears stomps on the jaw of Sammy as FTR hit an assisted brainbuster.

Santana is chomping at the bit to get in. Spears has Sammy in a sharpshooter. Gory special to Ortiz has him smashed into the steel mesh. In comes Santana. He lays Wheeler out with an uranage. We go to break.

Back from it, Wardlow is tossing Inner Circle around and then Hager comes in to do the same with lariats and boots. Hager Bomb. He gets Spears in an ankle lock who taps, but match doesn’t end as all men aren’t in. Wardlow and Hager trade strikes. Two men fight between ropes and the cage. In comes MJF. Spears hit a C4. Wardlow hits a chop block on Hager to protect MJF. There’s blood all over the place. Cash is really bleeding. The Pinnacle huddle and game plan as Jerich comes in. Bell rings and it’s all official. The two teams are standing in separate rings. They charge to meet in the middle.

Jericho and Spears climb the cage and Chris chokes Spears in the truss of the cage. He then begins brawling with Wardlow as we head to break.

When we get back, the ring is torn up. Sammy nails a spike piledriver on FTR, Jericho hits a Codebreaker and Spears is in a tree of woe. Sammy goes coast to coast for a Van Terminator. MJF hits Jericho with a torn off turnbuckle clamp. Santana pulls out a fork akin to Abdullah The Butcher who then gouges a bloody MJF with it. Inner Circle is in control. Jericho slugs Max with a right hand. Santana wipes MJF’s own blood on him. Wardlow gets up and fights. He pancakes Sammy and double leg slams Hager. Santana and Ortiz take him out. Sammy levels him with a chair and Hager lariats him down. We head to final break.

Back from it, MJF escapes the cage and is laying on top, but Jericho follows him. MJF begs him off, but Jericho locks him into the Walls. MJF gives him a cheap shot to free himself. Salt of The Earth is on Jericho. Max stomps on Chris’ hand. Quite the crimson mask for MJF. He locks in the Salt Of The Earth but Chris won’t submit. MJF has his Dynamite Diamond ring and slugs Chris with it. Jericho is now bleeding. Tony calls MJF a “no good piece of shit” as he contemplates throwing Jericho onto the stage from the cage. He threatens to throw Chris off. Sammy surrenders to save Jericho.

WINNERS: The Pinnacle

Post-match, MJF shoves Chris off the cage anyway and he crashes through the stage. We see Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn out there. MJF says, “thank you.” MJF basks in the moment on top of the cage. He laughs to himself as blood drips down his face.


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