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AEW Dynamite Results (07/12/2023)

All Elite Wrestling will deliver a star-studded show with the July 12 episode of AEW Dynamite.

MJF and Adam Cole will face Brian Cage and Big Bill in the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament. Plus, Nick Wayne will make his debut as he faces Swerve Strickland, and Ruby Soho will face Skye Blue in the semifinals of the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament. Elsewhere on the show, Chris Jericho will face Komander.

Chris Jericho vs. Komander (with Alex Abrahantes)

Jericho and Komander square off. Komander takes the fight to Jericho. The veteran drills the masked man with a stiff chop. Komander takes Jericho down with a headscissors. He leaps off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. Komander sends Jericho to the outside and dives onto him. Jericho drills Komander with a forearm in midair. He grounds the high-flyer and takes control of the action. Komander rallies, but Jericho sends him crashing to the outside. Komander fires up with a series of strikes, but Jericho squashes the rally. He maintains the advantage, but Komander keeps fighting. Jericho dumps him with a powerbomb.

Komander evades the Lion-sault and gets a two-count on a pin attempt. Jericho levels Komander with a clothesline. Komander gets another two-count with a Shooting Star Press off the ropes.

Komander takes flight and dives onto Jericho at ringside. He gets a two-count with a dive off the ropes. Jericho counters a dive with a Codebreaker. He locks in the Lion-tamer, and Komander taps out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Don Callis came to the ring and says the world is buzzing about the two of them potentially working together. Callis looks back on their history together and plays a clip of them when they were younger. Jericho notes that he remembers that time, and he makes fun of Callis for losing his hair. He remembers their mentor, Bad News Allen, telling them to stay together. Callis says Bad News must be looking down on them from heaven with a smile on his face, as he would be happy to see them working together. Callis leaves, and Jericho clearly has a lot to think about.

Backstage, Jack Perry refuses to get out of his car, as he says he’s in an unsafe work environment. HOOK shows up and attacks Perry, but he escapes.

Don Callis says he’ll announce the final member of Blackpool Combat Club’s team for the Blood & Guts match. He says he’ll be going out to the ring by himself, as he’s not scared of Kenny Omega.

MJF and Adam Cole did some more bonding, as they went to the bar. Four women walk by, and MJF pitches that means two for each of them. Cole turns him down, and MJF goes off with all four of them. Cole asks MJF to play AEW Fight Forever with him, and they do. MJF says it’s fun to play games with someone. Cole asks him if he’s never played with anyone before, and MJF notes that you have to have friends for them. MJF and Cole tell each other they were going to betray each other, but then they say they’re cool. Cole and MJF win the tag team titles in the video game.

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament: Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin vs. Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara

Guevara and Cassidy start the bout and feel each other out. They trade arm drags, and Cassidy gains the upper hand. Garcia blindsides him, but Allin tags in and dropkicks Garcia. Guevara and Allin shake hands. Allin dives onto Garcia at ringside. He gets a two-count on a pin attempt. Garcia counters a dive from Cassidy and slams him into the barricade. Garcia gains the upper hand and grounds Allin. Garcia and Guevara isolate Allin and control the bout. Allin rallies with a Code Red on Guevara. Cassidy tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. Garcia counters the Orange Punch and locks in the Dragon-tamer. Cassidy catches him with Stun-dog Millionaire.

Cassidy gets a two-count with a DDT. “Freshly Squeezed” drops Guevara with Beach Break. Cassidy and Garcia trade pin attempts. Both men go down after they hit each other with a big boot. Allin and Guevara trade blows. Garcia spikes Cassidy on the apron. Guevara nails Allin with a knee strike. Allin dodges a Shooting Star Press. Garcia locks Cassidy in a Dragon-tamer at ringside. Prince Nana comes out and hands Garcia Allin’s skateboard. Allin tries to stop him, and when the referee isn’t looking, Swerve Strickland runs in and kicks Darby. Guevara hits Allin with the GTH for the win.

Winners: Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia

Guevara and Allin shake hands after the bout.

A video package highlights Nick Wayne ahead of his in-ring debut. He discusses training with his father, Buddy Wayne. He recalls finding out his dad passed away. Nick says he kept training, at least partially, to honor his father. He says he’s ready for the pressure, as he’s been preparing for his whole life.

Backstage, Adam Cole is approached by Roderick Strong, who asks if Cole is starting to like MJF. Cole says MJF isn’t half bad. He gets a text from MJF, who apparently got a “flu” ahead of their tournament match.

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament: MJF & Adam Cole vs. Big Bill & Brian Cage (with Prince Nana)

MJF enters, so he will compete as advertised. MJF goes for a bodyslam on Big Bill, but he can’t lift him. He tags Cole and starts to walk out, but Cole chases him down and brings him back. Cage flexes, and Cole does some push-ups. MJF tags back in, determined to slam Big Bill. He still can’t pick him up. MJF does some push-ups, and Bill stomps him. Bill takes the fight to MJF. Cage and Bill gang up on MJF and maintain the advantage. Big Bill rips MJF’s shirt off and rubs it between his legs. MJF rallies and slams Big Bill. MJF tags Cole, who gains the upper hand with a flurry of offense. MJF calls for the double clothesline, but Cage sees it coming. Cole and MJF get clotheslined by Big Bill. Cole and MJF double-team Bill, but Cage trucks over them. Cage slams both men.

Cole and MJF rally, as MJF hits the Heatseeker. Cole gets the win with The Boom.

Winners: Adam Cole and MJF

After the bell, MJF goads Cole on and gets him to do the “Adam Cole, bay-bay” taunt. MJF highlights their new t-shirt. The champion says they’re going to hit the double clothesline. MJF tugs Cole’s shirt, and he gets a little upset. Cole says he never expected his team with MJF to work. Cole expresses his confidence that they will win the tournament and, from there, the titles. He says they will win the titles if they stay on the same page.

Backstage, Jake Hager asks Chris Jericho if he was actually considering Don Callis’ offer, and he noted that he wasn’t sure, as they had history. Hager reminds him of their history and says he deserves to know. Hager hands Jericho his hat.

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament: Ruby Soho (with Saraya & Toni Storm) vs. Skye Blue

Blue gains an early advantage. Storm gets on the apron, and Blue rocks her with a kick. Storm slams Blue into the steel steps. Saraya and Storm get ejected from ringside. Soho slams Blue’s knee into the steps and targets her leg. Blue rallies, but her leg briefly gives out. She keeps fighting, but Ruby counters the Code Blue.

She wrenches Blue’s wounded knee and transitions into a single-leg crab, but Blue reaches the ropes. Blue slams Soho on her face. Soho hits the No Future for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Backstage, the QTV crew played a music video in which Harley Cameron rapped about The Acclaimed.

Nick Wayne vs. Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana)

Darby Allin comes to the stage to support Wayne. Strickland and Wayne lock up and feel each other out early on, and they’re evenly matched, as they know each other well. The two competitors trade counters, and they’re evenly matched early on. Nana distracts Wayne, but he still dumps Strickland over the ropes. Wayne hits a hurricanrana from the apron, sending Swerve crashing onto the floor. Wayne keeps rolling, but Swerve flips the momentum with a neckbreaker onto the floor. Strickland grounds Wayne, but the young star rallies with a flurry of offense.

Wayne gets a two count with a modified Sliced Bread. Strickland takes control with a backbreaker. Darby Allin comes to the ramp and cheers Wayne on. Wayne hits a reverse hurricanrana and hits a cutter, but Swerve got his foot on the ropes. Swerve drills Wayne with a kick for a two-count. Strickland snaps Wayne’s arm and slams Wayne for the win.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

Allin checks on Wayne after the match.

Don Callis comes to the ring to announce the final member of Blackpool Combat Club’s team for Blood & Guts. He calls Kenny Omega a coward and a punk. Omega interrupts, and he takes the fight to Callis’ security. PAC attacks and helps Blackpool Combat Club beat up Omega. PAC says he’s been waiting to do this for a long time, and he confirms he’s the final member of the Blackpool Combat Club member’s team. Omega says they still have a final member, and he cues a video on the screen, as Kota Ibushi is revealed as the final member of The Elite’s team. Hangman Page and the Young Bucks come down and make the save. Omega says the match is about more than about fighting, it’s about heart, passion, soul, and friendship. He tells Callis he will never win this battle, and he vows to get his hands on Callis.


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