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AEW Dynamite Results (10/05/2022)

All Elite Wrestling will deliver a star-studded show with the October 5 episode of AEW Dynamite.

On Dynamite’s three-year anniversary, Wardlow will defend the TNT Championship against Brian Cage, and The Acclaimed will celebrate National Scissoring Day. Plus, Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia will take on Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. Toni Storm, Luchasaurus, and other noteworthy names will also be in action.

The results are as follows:

MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta

MJF struts and taunts to kick off the match. Yuta takes the fight to him and hits two arm drags. Yuta does his own strut and slams MJF to the mat. MJF gains the upper hand and grounds Yuta, and he maintains the advantage. Yuta rallies and plants MJF with three German suplexes. He holds onto the grip and hits another German suplex. MJF stops Yuta’s elbow and targets the arm. He nails Yuta with an over-the-knee backbreaker from the powerbomb position. Yuta catches MJF with a kick to the head. They trade several pin attempts. Yuta reverses a Tombstone, and the two continue to exchange pin attempts. Both men are down after a clothesline. Yuta fires up and dives onto MJF on the outside. He gets a two count with a diving splash. Yuta drills MJF with some elbows. MJF counters the seatbelt and locks in the Salt of the Earth arm-bar. He transitions and forces Yuta to tap out.

Winner: MJF

Yuta extends his hand to MJF, and he’s about to shake it until Lee Moriarty attacks Yuta. MJF yells at Moriarty, saying that he didn’t tell him to do that. Stokely Hathaway hands the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF, but William Regal comes to the ring with his brass knucks and confronts MJF. The Dynamite Diamond Ring holder leaves the ring.

A video package hypes up the main event tag team bout, where Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia will face Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

Backstage, the Jericho Appreciation Society discusses the main event. Chris Jericho says he hopes Garcia makes the right decision, and he’s going to beat Danielson next week.

Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin

Lethal and Allin lock up and feel each other out. Allin takes Lethal down with an arm drag. The two stars are evenly matched early on. Lethal dropkicks Allin’s knee and gains the upper hand by targeting it. Allin floors Lethal with a DDT. Lethal takes control again and grounds Allin. He continues to target his leg. Lethal stomps the leg and dumps Allin with a suplex. The former ROH World Champion hits an avalanche dragon screw. Allin perseveres and hits a Code Red for a two count. Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh walk to the stage, but Lehthal tells them to leave. Allin capitalizes on the distraction and hits a hurricanrana. Allin stacks Lethal up with the Last Supper and scores the three count.

Winner: Darby Allin

Allin tells Lethal to shake his hand, and he reluctantly does. Lethal walks away with Dutt and Singh.

In a promo, The Embassy discusses their arrival and their quest to win the gold. Brian Cage vows to beat Wardlow tonight.

TNT Championship: Wardlow (c) vs. Brian Cage (with Prince Nana)

Wardlow and Cage take the fight to each other. The two powerhouses are evenly matched. Wardlow hits a hurricanrana, and Cage responds with one of his own. Cage goes for a tiger feint kick, but Wardlow counters and slams him. Cage fires back with a slam of his own. The challenger takes control and plays to the crowd. Cage drills Wardlow with a kick to the face. Wardlow hits an athletic dive off the top rope and suplexes Cage. The champion drops Cage with a German suplex and hits him with a Belly-to-Belly. Cage gets a two count with a superplex. Wardlow fires back with a modified spinebuster. Cage gets a two count with an F5-like slam. Wardlow floors Cage with a stiff lariat. He powerbombs Cage and hits him with three more for the win.

Winner and still TNT Champion: Wardlow

The Gates of Agony attack Wardlow after the match, and Cage joins in, but Samoa Joe tries to make the save. The Embassy outnumbers him, but FTR comes to the ring to even the odds.

Britt Baker has an announcement; she says Saraya will not be wrestling in AEW because the doctors have not cleared her to compete. She says Saraya should be shipped away, and it’s her house now.

Toni Storm, Athena and Willow Nightingale vs. Serena Deeb, Jamie Hayter, and Penelope Ford (with Britt Baker and Rebel)

Saraya comes to the stage before the faces’ entrances and walks to the ring with them. Athena gains an early advantage over Ford by slamming her to the mat. Ford drives Athena into her team’s corner. Deeb and Ford double-team Athena. Storm tags in and takes the fight to Deeb. Storm and Nightingale hit consecutive hip attacks. Deeb takes control and double-teams Storm with Ford. Ford isolates the champion with her partners. Deeb hits an inverted dragon screw. She suplexes Athena while she has Storm locked in a heel hook. Willow tags in and clears house. She drops Hayter with a spinebuster for a two count. Deeb takes control, but Saraya stops Rebel from hitting Willow with a crutch. She briefly charges Rebel with the crutch to send her running. Ford rocks Willow with a kick. Deeb nails Athena with a Spear. Bodies are flying as the match breaks down into chaos.

Willow pins Ford with a Doctor Bomb.

Winners: Toni Storm, Athena and Willow Nightingale

After the match, Baker confronts Saraya, who punches her. They brawl, and all the women start fighting. Saraya drills Rebel with a kick and stands tall.

Backstage, Jose the Assistant tells Private Party he knows Matt Hardy has been trying to reunite with them. He tells them to do the right thing tonight.

National Scissoring Day

Max Caster raps as The Acclaimed come to the ring. Fans have “scissor” signs all throughout the crowd. Anthony Bowens kicks off National Scissoring Day and calls The Acclaimed the most popular team in wrestling. He says they’re the best homegrown team in AEW history. He notes that the “Scissor Me, Daddy Ass” is the top-selling shirt of the year. Bowens says AEW stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. Bowens calls himself the Sultan of Scissor.

He describes what scissoring is all about, calling it a sign of friendship and of a true team. He notes that Keith Lee and “Sneaky” Swerve Strickland were thrown together. Bowens says everyone loves The Acclaimed. Gunn says “This is Daddy Ass’s House.” He presents The Acclaimed with a gift, and it’s a massive pair of golden scissors. Caster asks everyone in the crowd to scissor as a sign of peace. Caster says Washington represents the divisive nature of America, but everyone loves The Acclaimed. He says they are the people’s choice, and they’re going to do a bipartisan scissor to unite this country. Swerve Strickland interrupts before they can do so. He says this is the most idiotic thing he has ever seen. Swerve says The Acclaimed wouldn’t have won the titles if not for Gunn. He challenges Gunn to a match next week.

Mark Sterling comes to the ring, noting that he tried to warn everyone about Swerve months ago. He says The Acclaimed need him, and he asks them to let him represent them. The Acclaimed attack him and hit the Scissor Me Timbers.

In a taped message, the Dark Order discuss their upcoming AEW World Trios Championship match on AEW Rampage.

Backstage, Madison Rayne calls Skye Blue a rising star. Anna J.A.S. and Tay Melo interrupt and tell the duo they need more charisma. Blue challenges them to a tag team match. for Rampage

Hangman Page vs. RUSH (with Jose the Assistant)

Page and RUSH take the fight to each other. Jose distracts Hangman, and RUSH gains the upper hand. The match spills to the outside, and he chokes the former AEW World Champion with a cable cord. Back in the ring, he overpowers Page and grounds him. Hangman rallies and pins RUSH with the Buckshot Lariat.

Winner: Hangman Page

Private Party come to the ring, seemingly prepared to attack Page. Jon Moxley comes out, and Private Party walks away. Moxley says he’s been waiting to face Page for three years. He says, between the two of them, they’ve beat just about everybody in AEW, other than each other. Moxley says that, when they face off, there will be one last man standing. He vows to break Page’s face and choke him until he turns blue because he’s in the way of Moxley being the top guy. He makes it clear that he respects Page, but when the bell rings, he doesn’t respect anything. Page responds, saying that if Moxley has been waiting so long, they should fight tonight. Moxley says this is his last warning, so he should watch his mouth.

Backstage, Willow Nightingale says she wants to challenge for the TBS Championship at AEW Battle of the Belts IV. Jade Cargill interrupts and notes that she has already beat Willow twice. Willow asks her if she wants to find out whether she can do it again.

Luchasaurus (with Christian Cage) vs. Fuego Del Sol

Luchasaurus dominates Fuego and slams him for a quick win.

Winner: Luchasaurus

After the bell, Luchasaurus goes to attack Fuego, but Jungle Boy makes the save with a chair. Jungle Boy says Luchasaurus broke his heart, but he’s going to break him piece-by-piece. He told him to pick the time and place. Christian says Luchasaurus will face Jungle Boy next week in Toronto.

Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

The two teams go back and forth. Danielson and Garcia control the opening minutes. Jericho gains the upper hand and isolates Danielson. Garcia tags in and takes the fight to the ROH World Champion. He locks in a Dragon-tamer, but Jericho escapes. Guevara takes Danielson down at ringside, and the crowd chants, “You still suck.” Jericho and Garcia trade chops. Garcia blocks the Lionsault. He locks Guevara in a crossface. Danielson traps Jericho in a LeBell Lock.

They transition into hammer-and-anvil elbows. Guevara hits a standing Spanish fly for a two count. Garcia counters the GTH and spikes Guevara with a piledriver, but Jericho breaks up the pin. Guevara drills Garcia with a thrust kick, and both men are down. Jericho and Danielson brawl at ringside. Jericho suplexes Danielson through a table. Guevara nails Garcia with the GTH. Garcia blocks the Shooting Star Press and locks in a Dragon-Slayer. Jericho hits Garcia with the ROH World Championship, and Guevara pins him for the win.

Winners: Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho


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