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AEW Rampage Live Results (07/29/2022)

The show begins with Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross greeting audiences at home to Night Two of Fight for the Fallen. Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt come to the ring, followed by Orange Cassidy and Best Friends.

Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt vs. Orange Cassidy and Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor)

Lethal and Beretta start off the action. The bell rings and the two roll one another up. Cassidy tags in with a lazy handshake. He points to Singh and calls him out, but Lethal tags in Dutt instead (who is wrestling in a suit). He gives the referee his suit jacket before Cassidy puts his sunglasses on the Referee’s face. Cassidy delivers his signature kicks, but Dutt tags in Singh halfway through. Cassidy tries to take Singh out with a drop kick, but Singh beats him up.

Lethal tags in and delivers a series of stomps to Cassidy in the corner. Lethal sends Cassidy bouncing off the top turn buckle, then delivers a massive chop. He delivers a couple more stomps, followed by a kick. He tosses Cassidy into the opposite corner and gloats. Cassidy makes the tag to Taylor and he takes Lethal down with three clotheslines. He delivers a belly to belly suplex and Beretta tags in. The two deliver the Soul Food Half anf Half combination and go for their signature hug, but Singh prevents them. The two take him down and hug before Lethal delivers a double Lethal Injection.

Cassidy tags in and takes down Lethal. Dutt tags in and mocks Cassidy’s signature kicks. Cassidy grabs the pencil off the ear of Dutt and breaks it. He delivers the Orange Punch for the win.

Winners: Orange Cassidy and Best Friends

After the match, Singh beats down the Best Friends before Lethal hits Cassidy with the Lethal Injection. Wardlow’s music hits to massive cheers and he comes to the ring. They face off before Singh, Lethal and Dutt retreat.

We go to a recap of the 2 out of 3 tag team match between the Briscoes and FTR at Death Before Dishonor.

Back from the break, Ethan Page comes to the ring, with Leon Ruffin already waiting inside.

Ethan Page vs. Leon Ruffin

The bell rings and Page goes straight after Ruffin. He sends him into the corner and delivers a bunch of kicks. Page hits a shoulder tackle, then slams him into the top turn buckle. We cut to Stokley Hathaway and Leila Grey watching the match on. Page delivers a right hand to Ruffin and hits the Ego’s Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

We head backstage to Lexy Nair and Kole Cater. The Factory approaches and Marshall says he saw potential in him. He says he’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd and offers him a spot in the Factory. He says to think about it.

Back at ringside, Lee Moriarty comes to the ring, followed by Matt Sydal.

Lee Moriarty vs. Matt Sydal in a Teacher vs. Student match

The bell rings and Moriarty mocks Sydal. The two shake hands, but before Sydal lets go, Moriarty delivers a head butt. He delivers a Front Chancery, but Sydal fires back with a knee strike. Sydal hits a kick to Moriarty’s face, followed by a low drop kick. He delivers a standing moonsault, then goes for a pin but Moriarty kicks out. Moriarty slides to the outside, but Sydal delivers a baseball drop kick, followed by a moon sault off the top rope. Moriarty comes back and sends Sydal into the barricade back first. Moriarty hits him with a boot to the face, then tosses him back into the ring.

Sydal hits a kick to Moriarty’s thigh, but Moriarty fires back with a kick of his own. Sydal delivers a round house kick, but Moriarty hits a lariat. Moriarty hits a knee to Sydal’s head, but Sydal fires back with a Question Mark kick. Sydal hits the Lightning Spiral, then goes for a pin but Moriarty kicks out.

Stokley Hathaway comes to ringside and watches on. Hathaway interferes on behalf of Moriarty, allowing Moriarty to hit a DDT. He goes for a pin but Moriarty kicks out. Moriarty locks in the Border City Stretch on Sydal for the win.

Winner: Lee Moriarty

After the match, Moriarty locks in the submission for a little longer. Hathaway gets into the ring and offers him his card again. Moriarty takes the card and poses.

We head backstage to Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel. She says the forecast next week calls for a ThunderStorm and says Rosa might be close to losing her title. She says it’s smart for Rosa to keep Storm by her side because deep down, she knowns Storm can beat her.

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone introduces Claudio Castagnoli along with William Regal.

We hear from new ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli

The crowd chants ‘you deserve it’ before Schiavone asks how it feels to be the new ROH World Champion. Castagnoli thanks the fans and says they have always been there for him through everything. He says it’s an honor to be the new title holder and he says that it’s just the beginning. He introduces Wheeler Yuta to the ring and Yuta comes down.

Yuta takes the mic as the crowd cheers him on. Chris Jericho gets off commentary and says he can’t listen to the crowd cheer for them. He says that they deserve a boot up their asses but Yuta cuts him off and tells him to shut up. Yuta completes his sentence and says that his match against Garcia helped to build his confidence and says he’s pretty sure he can beat Jericho too. Jericho almost laughs him off and says he can’t beat him. Yuta says he’s scared and nervous as Regal and Castagnoli say that Yuta can beat him. Jericho issues a challenge to Yuta on “Dynamite” and Yuta declines the challenge, saying he already knows he can beat him. Jericho becomes increasingly enraged and says he is so sure that he can beat him that he will put his title shot at Quake on the Lake on the line. Yuta says he’s on and the match is set.

Back from the break, the Acclaimed premiere ther new music video. The video shows the Acclaimed around garbage trucks and dumpsters as they rap about the Gunn Club being trash. A dumpster match for “Dynamite” is announced between the two teams.

Anna Jay comes to the ring, with Ruby Soho following to a pop.

Ruby Soho vs. Anna Jay

The bell rings and the two lock up. Jay sends Soho to the mat and kicks her in the face. Soho comes back with a shoulder tackle, followed by a couple of chops. Soho delivers a knee to Jay’s face, followed by a back elbow. Jay delivers a kick to Soho’s injured hand, followed by a kick to her head.

Jay continues her assault on Soho, then delivers a stomp to her chest. She goes for a pin, but Soho kicks out. Jay delivers a forearm to Soho, then sends her straight into the mat. Jay delivers an elbow to Soho, then goes for a pin but Soho kicks out. Jay goes after Soho’s arm and pulls off her brace. Soho fires back with some forearms, but Jay hits a thrust kick. Soho delivers a suplex to Jay.

Soho delivers a head butt, but Jay keeps assaulting her arm. Soho delivers a series of quick head butts, followed by a kick to the side of Jay’s head. Soho delivers a back heel trip, then goes for a pin but Jay kicks out. Jay threatens to choke people out at ringside before Jay locks in the Queen Slayer. Soho escapes and hits the No Future. She goes for a pin but Jay kicks out. Soho tells Jay she made the wrong choice, then climbs to the top turn buckle. She looks for a sit out senton, but Jay counters and locks in the Queen Slayer. Soho escapes, but Jay grabs Soho’s brace while the referee is distracted and locks in the Queen Slayer again to put her to sleep for the win.

Winner: Anna Jay


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