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AEW Unrestricted Feat Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo had a last-minute moment in front of his hometown crowd at AEW All In London, and explains how it came together with Paul Wight and Kip Sabian. He talks about the injury that sidelined him early at AEW, his recovery path, and what he hopes to accomplish this year in wrestling now that he’s healthy. He details his boxing career from how he got started to qualifying for the Olympics to winning the bronze medal at the 2012 Games to the brutal eye injury that ultimately ended his career. And he shares his AEW journey including the roles that both Diamond Dallas Page and Cody Rhodes played in it, along with Tony Khan’s initial idea for Anthony that also involved Chris Jericho. Plus, Anthony makes the case for why he’s the best 30-match novice in pro-wrestling, and he lays out his plans to become the “next, next” James Bond!

Anthony Ogogo on being at AEW All In London:

“This is Wembley. I’ve been coming to Wembley Stadium my entire life. This means so much more to me than anybody else!”

Anthony Ogogo shares the original plan AEW had for him back in 2019:

“When I first met Tony Khan, he was like, ‘hey, I’ve got the perfect spot for you. You’re gonna be Chris Jericho’s heavy’!”


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