• Carlos Astorga

Austin Aries And Jim Cornette Involved In Twitter Beef

Photo Credit Ghetto187

On his social media, Austin Aries has been posting fans who have expressed their anger towards how the former Impact World Champion reacted at the end of last month's Impact Bound for GloryPPV after losing the title to Johnny Impact. After losing, Aries immediately got up, yelled towards Don Callis, and walked to the back, flipping off the fans along the way.

As noted, Aries' contract with Impact Wrestling has expired, and while he still hasn't signed a new contract with the company, it was reported the promotion was still high on Aries and he should be returning soon.

Getting back to his social media, a few days ago Aries took a harsh quote from Jim Cornette and put it over a not so flattering photo of Cornette.

"Don't knock Austin Aries' talent, he's a good performer. The only reason he fails everywhere is because he's a miserable little whiner who thinks he should be pushed to the moon and knows more than everyone else. Wrestling and promos, he's fine. Probably needs a cheeseburger."

The "probably needs a cheeseburger" line is a joke in reference to Aries being vegan