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Bandido Continues His Feud With Dinamita Nuevo Generacion At Tonights CMLL In Arena Mexico!

Photo Credit: CMLL

On tonights CMLL at Arena Mexico, Bandido faced off against Cuatrero of Dinamita Nuevo Generacion. Bandido and Dinamita have been building up to the match since Bandido returned to CMLL recently (more on that). Bandido, walking out to the theme song from the Quentin Tarantino hit movie "El Desperado", a most fitting theme song for his character, faced Cuatrero In a best of 3 falls match with the first fall having Bandido besting Cuatrero with a crucifix slam.

During the second fall, the match finally saw some life as the match had some back and forth between the two luchadors, however, the ending of the second fall saw Bandido try and hit his patented reverse cross body slam from the second rope until Cuatrero ripped off his mask forcing a disqualification for Cuatrero. Bandido won the match. It's safe to say that this rivalry is nowhere near its end.

Bandido dubbed a student and son of the CMLL school of training by the promotion, returned as a full-time talent with CMLL back on November 29th, 2019. A standing ovation for the popular luchador and his return was quickly interrupted by Dinamita Nuevo Generacion and it's leader, Sanson. Since then, the group and Bandido have been feuding since.

Photo Credit: CMLL

Dinamita is arguably CMLL's strongest dynasty since La Dinastia Munoz (Dragon Lee, RUSH, Mistico) and have been the Mexican National Trios Champions for nearly 900 days. Usually in the main event picture, having Bandido start out in a program with the group is fitting as Bandido comes with international exposure, working with ROH, PWG, and many other organizations. More to come on what looks to be a long-standing rivalry between the two parties.


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