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AEW Unrestricted Featuring Will Ospreay

The Arial Assassin Will Ospreay is finally All Elite, and recounts the deciding factors that led him to sign full time with AEW. He talks about traveling back and forth from the UK to the States for AEW shows and why it’s so important for his home base to be in London. He has stories about his match with Chris Jericho at All In at Wembley Stadium in front of a massive home crowd, working Takeshita at Revolution, his Forbidden Door match before officially signing with AEW, the words of wisdom imparted to him from Kenny Omega, and wrestling in silence in Japan during the pandemic. He also explains what it’s been like to adjust to TV-style wrestling at AEW, learning how to be a good promo, his influence on younger wrestlers, and the role that the Assassin’s Creed video game played in his wrestling gimmick.

Will Ospreay on AEW All In London at Wembley Stadium:

“I got the call saying they’d like me to be a part of Wembley, and I was thinking, I’ll probably be part of the Battle Royale and that will be fun, but then it turns out I’m wrestling the first [AEW] World Champion [Chris Jericho], who’s like the guy I grew up watching and idolizing, and who I have so much respect for.”

Will Ospreay on the words Kenny Omega said to him when Kenny left NJPW to start AEW:

“He [Kenny Omega] took me and Jay White to one side, and said how much he cares about New Japan, and that we’ve got to be the standard bearer. You guys have to take the flag and run with it.”


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