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Changes Coming To IMPACT Plus

Impact Plus sent out the following email:

Dear IMPACT Plus Subscriber, IMPACT Plus is undergoing a service migration today (Thursday) until tomorrow (Friday) as part of a significant augmentation of the product. During this period, you may experience some downtime. Standby for a brand-new IMPACT Plus - with improved discoverability, new Originals, content specially curated by your favorite IMPACT wrestler as well as monthly live events including this Saturday’s TURNING POINT! You will need to update your Apps in the respective apps/website where you made your original subscription. Please follow these steps:

SIGN UP on the respective platform you made your purchase with the original email or social login you used. After SIGN UP, you should be recognized in our new system. If your subscription does not get initiated upon signup/login please go to your Setting section, go to subscribe, then click the RESTORE SUBSCRIPTION button to link/unlock your existing subscription. We want you all to know we are working very quickly to launch our new site and apps and thank you for your patience. We are very excited for your to experience the new, improved IMPACT Plus If you have questions feel free to contact our team ( We appreciate your patience throughout this process. - The IMPACT Plus Team


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