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Changes Made To IMPACT Wrestling's Announce Team

D'Lo Brown will not be returning to the Impact Wrestling commentary team, has confirmed with multiple sources. Brown was written off TV after being attacked by Honor No More with Matthew Rehwoldt replacing him as part of tandem with Tom Hannifan. Impact Wrestling has been blown away by the duo, feeling that after the first few weeks, they completely congealed as a great announcing team, so they are now the team.

The decision was not a slight at Brown, who Impact was always happy with, but a realization that with the company now back on the road and doing commentary live as it happens (as opposed to post-producing the majority of it, as they had been while filming out of Nashville's Skyway Studios), having Brown at the table all night meant he wasn't available to handle his talent relations and producer duties at the same time. So, the decision was made to have Brown focus entirely on his behind the scenes duties and have Rehwoldt on the call with Hannifan.

Tonight's episode of Impact on AXS will open up with Eddie Edwards vs. Steve Maclin.

The Rebellion PPV and its post-PPV TV taping officially go on sale tomorrow at Ticketmaster for April at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.


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