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Chris Jericho Gives Update On Mike Tyson In AEW, Talks Chris Benoit And Eddie Guerrero

AEW's Chris Jericho returned to his Saturday Night Special YouTube show this past Saturday night, shortly after Dynamite concluded. The "Demo God" gave fans the scoop on the Mike Tyson situation, noting that AEW still intends to bring him in at some point.

Watch the video below:

"Yes, of course we're still talking to Mike, and we will figure it out one way or another," Jericho explained.

While answering questions from fans, Jericho got on the subject of late, great wrestlers he wishes he could bring in to work with AEW. Jericho chose two legends, but emphasized how special it would have been to have Owen Hart as an influence on today's AEW stars.

"Eddie Guerrero, Owen Hart for sure. Yeah, I'd say Owen Hart," Chris emphasized. "I would love to have Owen do something with us in AEW if he was still alive with us."

Continuing on, Jericho got on the subject of both the late, great in-ring performers, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Chris considered what he would say to the two men today if he was given the opportunity.

"What would I say to Chris? I don't know. I mean, it's still a hard subject. What would I say? Call me, you know what I mean?" Chris explained. "What would I say now or before now? I don't know what I would say to Chris, but I know to Eddie, I'd say miss you, wish you were still here, and you've got a great couple daughters, and you've got a great wife, and everyone loves and misses you. So, that's what I would say to Eddie.

With AEW continuing to flourish, Jericho commented on how things are backstage with the rising stars. He is happy to be in the established position he's in because it allows him to learn from up and coming talent that was influenced by him when they were younger.

"When you influence somebody to where they're excited to meet you, excited to have a match with you, or whatever it may be, again, to know you have influenced somebody's life, influence somebody's career, their career choices and their career path, that's one thing I found very invigorating when I came back to WWE in 2016, is that I was getting the chance to work with Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins, and Enzo and Cass, and all these guys that were big fans of mine throughout the years," Jericho explained. "And that was really cool. It also made my career so much more vital and relevant because it showed me that I could also learn some new things from some of these guys that were on their way up, that were influenced by me. So, it's a real honor and something that I don't take very lightly, and one of the reasons I think AEW has been such a success, because of that level of type of respect they have for me and I have of them."


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