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Cody Rhodes Reveals Reason For Using Stinger Splash At AEW Double Or Nothing

Photo Credit AEW

During his conversation with Sports Illustrated after AEW Double or Nothing, Cody Rhodes commented on using the Stinger Splash after doing the iconic howl that you associate with Sting.

For those unaware, Sting is currently a free agent after being released by WWE earlier this month. In fact, Sting recently praised Lance Archer on Twitter, further fueling the speculation fire on a possible move to AEW.

Cody Rhodes 'reaches out' to Sting

On being asked if this was some sort of precursor to Sting appearing at AEW, Cody Rhodes implied that this was a homage of sorts to a wrestler who he idolized growing up.

On Sting possibly signing for AEW, Cody Rhodes said that he is not aware of his schedule or whereabouts, but said it would be great to stand across the ring from Sting. Cody Rhodes concluded by saying that using the Stinger Splash was his way of 'reaching out' to The Icon.

"You can read into every step I take, every breath I breathe, and every glance of my eye," said Rhodes. "Look all the way back to All In. This is something that was willed into existence. My life is willing sh** into existence. If I was a little boy and got to do a Stinger Splash and that’s where it ends, great."I don't know what his schedule is like or where he's at in this world, but nothing would please me more than to stand in a ring across from Sting. There has been no contact, but that's my way of reaching out."

Here's a video of Cody Rhodes doing the iconic howl followed by the Stinger Splash on Lance Archer:


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