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Could Aces & Eights Make A Comeback On Slammiversary?

IMPACT Wrestling keeps hyping up Slammiversary, which takes place on Saturday July 18th, 2020 live on pay-per-view. Their tagline is "Our World Will Change" which seems to speculate big changes, whether that be returning and or debuting wrestlers. A couple of weeks back IMPACT Wrestling aired a segment once IMPACT went off the air which showed

D'Lo Brown sitting on a chair and talking to someone. “Yeah, I understand,” says Brown. “Perception is reality. But I don’t like being called a corporate stooge in any way. I’d like the band to get back together. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Brown then gets up and the Aces & Eights vest is on the chair, he then comes back and grabs it.

Recently IMPACT Wrestling also released retro TNA era clothing which included Team Canada, and Aces & Eights. While sales numbers are not made public, IMPACT could have brought back the merchandize as a a feeler to see if there is interest. A lot of companies do small production runs to see if there is a demand. IMPACT can then make their decision based off the sales figures. Either way the online support for a potential return of Aces & Eights has gained traction. One of the most viewed videos for the month of June was that of a teaser video for the Aces & Eights. The video currently as of this writing has 212,000 plus views.

With now confirmed reports that Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson have signed with IMPACT Wrestling as well as speculation that former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray is also rumored to make a comeback, the reunion of Aces & Eights looks more of a possibility the closer we get to Slammiversary. Aces & Eights was a short lived faction that went from 2012-2013 that had some of the best segments and matches during the Spike TV era. Bully Ray really did some of his best work while in Aces & Eights and it helped solidify himself as one of the best wrestling heels of all time.

Could we see the second coming of Aces & Eights with a returning Bully Ray & Doc Gallows with debuting Karl Anderson? Former Aces & Eight member Wes Brisco recently went onto Twitter expressing an interest in coming back to reform Aces & Eights.

Slammiversary is becoming a resurgence of interest for IMPACT Wrestling. Several recently released WWE superstars have been teased as returning to the company with names such as, Bully Ray, Doc Gallows, EC3, Eric Young, Mike & Maria Bennett as well as new possible debuts for Karl Anderson, Heath Slater, Rusev, & Lio Rush. Only one way to find out who comes is to order Slammiversary via your local cable or satellite provider or buy ordering via FITE.TV

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