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Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. AJ Francis Set For MLW In St Petersburg, FL July 12

MLW today announced Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. AJ Francis at the beIN SPORTS TV taping portion of MLW Blood & Thunder’24, from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, July 12.

🎟 Grab tickets at and Eventbrite starting at $15.


Witness a colossal clash between two of the sport’s most formidable forces. On July 12, during the beIN SPORTS TV taping portion in St. Petersburg, Florida, fans will witness a hoss fight of epic proportions as Davey Boy Smith Jr. takes on AJ Francis in a first-time-ever encounter.

This highly anticipated bout will see Davey Boy Smith Jr., a 3rd generation grappler with an impressive pedigree, face the physically biggest opponent of his MLW career.

Standing across the ring will be AJ Francis, an NFL player turned pro wrestler whose raw power and imposing presence have made him a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

Key Points to Watch:

Hoss Fight Showdown: This is not just a match; it’s a battle of behemoths. Fans can expect an intense, hard-hitting battle between two walking scrappers known for their brute strength and size.

First-Time Ever Matchup: This big man bout marks the first time Davey Boy Smith Jr. and AJ Francis will face each other in the ring.

Power vs. Power: AJ Francis brings unmatched raw power to the ring, which will put Davey Boy Smith Jr.'s strength and endurance to the ultimate test.

Davey Boy’s Wrestling Pedigree: As a 2-time Opera Cup winner and former 2-time MLW World Tag Team Champion, Davey Boy Smith Jr. has a legacy to uphold. Coming off a big win over Timothy Thatcher in the opening round of the Opera Cup, his momentum is undeniable.

AJ Francis’ Challenge: Known for his high-profile fight at Battle RIOT in the Ritual Combat match, AJ Francis is drifting from his World Titan Federation affiliation, making his approach to this match even more intriguing. How will he respond to Davey Boy’s technical catch wrestling?

Intriguing Dynamics: Adding to the drama, the notorious WTF huckster promoter Saint Laurent, will be managing Davey Boy Smith Jr. in this bout, further heightening the tension.

This match promises to be a spectacular display of raw power, and sheer will. Fans in attendance at the St. Petersburg Coliseum and those watching on beIN SPORTS are in for an unforgettable experience a hoss fight.

Get your tickets now at and see it go down Friday, July 12 in St. Petersburg, FL.


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