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Deonna Purrazzo Regains Her IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship At Turning Point

Knockouts Championship: Su Yung (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The match starts off hot with both women pulling out their best technical moves. Su Yung goes right for her bloody glove but Deonna Purrazzo stops her in her tracks. Purrazzo throws several weapons in the ring (trash can lid, chair, a board, etc.). Purrazzo has Yung cornered with a foot chokehold. Purrazzo smooshed Yung's face into the board. Yung gets up and hits Purrazzo with a kendo stick to the midsection before Purrazzo can slam the board over her head. Both women make their way out of the ring. Purrazzo traps Yung's arm in the barricade and proceeds to pull and kick it. Yung finds some rope underneath the ring after getting her arm untangled. She throws some baking sheets into the ring.

Purrazzo targets Yung with three kendo stick shots. Yung trips Purrazzo face-first into the set chair in the corner. Both women throw back and forth forearm shots. Both women crawl of out the ring. Yung sets Purrazzo up with a pedigree on the ramp. Yung rolls her into the ring. She hooks the leg and Purrazzo stays alive with a 2 count. Purrazzo uses the board again as a shield to block the red mist. Purrazzo puts Yung's head in between the chair to hook in her Venus de Milo (Fujiwara armbar). Yung stays alive and doesn't tap. She goes right for the mandible claw on Purrazzo. "The Virtuosa" starts to fade. Yung wraps the rope on Purrazzo's neck. Purrazzo gets the rope off her neck. Purrazzo flies in with cradle piledriver. This gives her the edge and her Knockouts title back!

Winner & New Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

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