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DRAGONGATE's SB KENTO To Enter MLW Super Series Kn Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA) – Major League Wrestling today announced DRAGONGATE's SB KENTo will compete at MLW: SUPER SERIES'22presented by MLA from greater Atlanta on Sunday, September 18 at the Space Event Center at 6100 Live Oak Pkwy in Norcross, Georgia 30093.

The card is a FUSION TV taping, airing on beIN SPORTS nationwide on cable and dish and in over 60 countries around the world.

Purchase tickets at

Representing DRAGONGATE and the infamous Z-Brats, SB KENTo is a former Open The Twin Gate Champion, a two-time Open The Brave Gate Champion and an Open The Triangle Gate Champion. All belts won in a mere 3 year window, made even more impressive given he debuted in 2019.

Confident, if not flagrantly cocky, SB KENTo is a rising star within DRAGONGATE. Aligned with Shun Skywalker, this obnoxious upstart is a technical force, crushing skulls with his brainbuster, "SBK" is also known to end matches with his brilliant bridging straight jacket German suplex and sharpshooter.

The cross-promotional summit will feature the participation of Major League Wrestling, the cutting-edge Kobe, Japan promotion DRAGONGATE and the grandest Mexican lucha libre promotion in the world: Lucha Libre AAA.

Who will SB KENTo square off against at 2022 edition of the MLW Super Series? Find out soon!


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