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EC3 Teases He’s The Mystery Man In Impact Slammiversary Promo With Ex-WWE Stars

EC3 got fans talking over the latest video that he shared on his official Twitter account.

Earlier this week, Impact Wrestling released a commercial to promote their Slammiversary pay-per-view event.

The video showed a news anchor announcing how several WWE stars had been let go and that their futures are unknown while the world deals with the pandemic.

The video EC3 shared indicates that he could be the mystery man shown watching the commercial as he removed the hoodie to reveal himself. His video featured footage shown in the commercial with flashes of various stars who had previously worked in Impact.

Although not confirmed, a theory is going around that is how the mystery man will be revealed at Slammiversary.

All WWE stars that were released in April including those in the commercial are under 90-day no-compete that will expire a few days before Slammiversary

This could just be his way to play into the rumors or he could be the mystery man. Nothing is confirmed until the PPV event that takes place on Sunday, July 18th. No matches have been announced for this show.


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