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Final Look Before Impact Wrestling's Pay-Per-View Event, Hard To Kill, & Predictions

As we near closer to this Sunday's pay-per-view Hard To Kill. We here at Indy Pro Wrestling will go over the final match line-up. Hard To Kill is a brand new event for Impact Wrestling and is also the first pay-per-view event for 2020. Hard To Kill is going to air live on January 12, 2020 from The Bomb Factory in Dallas Texas.

Ken Shamrock vs Madman Fulton:

For this match, we would like to see Ken Shamrock go over. Since returning to Impact Wrestling Ken has fought Moose and Joey Ryan and is currently on a path to go up against Madman Fulton of oVe. We feel like Ken Shamrock should win based off of his last pay-per-view loss against Moose. Ken looked very defeated in the match and did not look as strong as we would like to admit. A quick win over Madman Fulton could raise up Ken’s stock in the eyes of the fans. Although a win could do wonders for Madman Fulton we really don’t know what his next feud will be? At least with Ken, we can see him going after Brian Cage or even some of the younger talent such as any member of the Rascalz. Honestly, Impact should go with Ken Shamrock on this one.

Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace vs OBD for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship:

Taya is the current Knockouts Champion and she is the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion of all time. For this match, we can see Taya retaining her title but this will be a close one. Jordynne is going to really show off her skills and prove to us why she deserves the win but I feel like ODB could end up turning heel on this match and side with Taya. I’m glad that in 2020 ODB is back with Impact Wrestling but she does not deserve a win as Knockouts Champion. ODB is great don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of her’s but Impact Wrestling is building the company with fresh and young talent so the match will ultimately end up between Taya and Jordynne. I do think Jordynne is ready but if Taya is going to stick around with Impact (since her husband John Morrison is back with the WWE) she should keep the title until Slammiversary. Maybe Jordynne can get her moment there on a bigger stage.

Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel for the X-Division Championship:

Ace Austin is the current X-Division Champion and he has been so since Bound For Glory. I like Austin but I feel like somebody like Trey Miguel should win the match this Sunday. This can set up a rivalry between the members of The Rascalz where they get jealous of him for being the only member of the group with a championship. I would definitely look forward to the matches of Trey Miguel vs Dezmond Xavier or against Zachary Wentz. I could see any of them trading the title between all of them in a series of best of matches. Later down the line, we can see them reunite and win the tag titles.

Moose vs Rhino:

One theme you’ll soon come to realize is that there are a lot of matches at Hard To Kill that features a lot of stars from the past. This is no dig to any of the performers but I just had to point that out. Moose has been on a legend killer path as he’s gone against Ken Shamrock, RVD, he’s called out Monty Brown, and now he’s going against Rhino. I feel like Moose should win this match. He needs to continue on his path of destruction by going after the legends of TNA past so that he can ultimately go for the Impact World Championship and finally win that much-deserved title that he’s been long overdue. Rhino is a great get for Impact but he really doesn’t need this win but I am looking forward to this match just to see what kind of chemistry they have fighting against each other.

Ethan Page & Josh Alexander (The North) vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the Impact World Tag Team Championship:

This is a tough one especially since I really like both of these teams. We have the North who have been a tag team for many years on the independents as Monster Mafia, and we also have the team of Willie Mack & Rich Swann who first paired as a tag team in 2018’s Bound For Glory. I feel like The North should retain their tag team titles as they still have yet to give us their absolute best. I feel like The North can make the tag titles get more prestige if they go and defend it on the indy wrestling scene. The only way I can see Rich Swann & Willie Mack winning is if they are thinking about breaking up The North which would be too soon but you never know what creative has in store for them.

Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin for the Call Your Shot Trophy:

Eddie Edwards is currently the longest-tenured active wrestler in Impact today. He has been around since January 2014 when he and his former Wolves tag team partner Davey Richards made the jump from Ring of Honor to TNA. Eddie Edwards has remained loyal and has proven to be a top talent for Impact Wrestling. Eddie Edwards has done it all with Impact. Michael Elgin however still has a lot to prove with Impact. Michael Elgin is definitely a future world champion with Impact. Michael Elgin needs this victory more than Eddie Edwards does at this moment. I still see this rivalry continuing though as Eddie Edwards has a good chance at winning and setting up an angle where Michael Elgin was so sure that he was going to win that it makes him mad. Michael Elgin can go on a destructive path and take out anyone but when it comes down to Eddie Edwards he has some sort of self-doubt. This match can easily go either way but for right now I’m sticking with Michael Elgin winning this match.

Brian Cage vs Rob Van Dam:

As previously mentioned Hard To Kill has a lot of returning veterans competing at the pay-per-view. Rob Van Dam is a fan favorite no matter if he is a babyface or a heel the fans just love RVD. Now contrary to what I have said before about the veterans not needing the win over the younger fresher talent, I feel like RVD should win this match. Especially if the rumors are true that when Brian Cage’s contract is up with Impact that he may go elsewhere such as AEW or WWE. Brian Cage has been very vocal on Twitter that he desires a match against current AEW star Kenny Omega. So if the rumors are true and Cage is indeed leaving then it makes no sense for him to go over RVD. RVD should win the match and this match can also show us that he still has it.

Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard for the Impact World Championship:

Who would have thought that the main event for a major professional wrestling company that the challenger for the world title would be a female? Impact Wrestling is taking the chance at their upcoming pay-per-view "Hard To Kill". Tessa Blanchard challenges current Impact Wrestling Champion Sami Callihan for the world title. There is no denying that Tessa Blanchard is the face of Impact Wrestling, she is hands down one of the best wrestlers on the planet. We can easily see her winning the championship off of Sami Callihan. These two have faced off each other before so this is nothing new however it is now for the Impact World Championship. It is a shame that Sami Callihan worked so hard to finally win the title but it really is Tessa’s time to shine.

Let us know if you agree and also let us know which match you are looking forward to the most.


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